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Sales Call Training Basic Steps to Successful Sales Calls.

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1 Sales Call Training Basic Steps to Successful Sales Calls

2 I’m Scott Loehrke

3 The Cold Call Three Questions Are you the marketing / t-shirt chair, or the person responsible for ordering apparel for your organization? Are you in the market to order apparel for the upcoming semester? Would working with a fellow college student who can provide incredible designs, fast turnaround and competitive pricing be a benefit to you and your organization?

4 Know Your Buyer Pre-Meeting Research – Come Prepared! Website Twitter Facebook Attend Events Ask Around! The Platinum Rule Treat others the way that they want to be treated! Cater to their behavior and communication style

5 The 80/20 Rule 80% Listening / 20% Probing Great Probing Questions How often do you order throughout the year? What kinds of items do you order and in what quantities? What upcoming events does your organization have? When do you need your apparel in hands? What are other organizations doing that you’ve liked? What qualities are you looking for in a t-shirt printer? What haven’t you been happy with in the past? What have you been happy with? Do you have an artist in your organization that provides you with designs? How familiar are you with ordering apparel? Did you have a budget that you are looking to stay under?

6 Our Competitiv e Advantag e

7 Don’t “Dump The Bucket” Don’t overwhelm your prospect with information that’s irrelevant to their individual needs. Use that 80% of probing to discover their needs and focus on that only. Every prospect has different needs and values. Your job is to find that out during 80/20. The last thing you want to have happen is for your client to lose interest because you’re overwhelming them with information that doesn’t pertain to their needs! Ultimate Rookie Move

8 Initial Benefit Statement The Answer Is, “Yes” “Let me ask you this. If I am able to offer you the same prices from your current supplier, but offer you better turnaround time and better quality of service and products, would that be something you’d be willing to try?” *1 st Opportunity to Ask for Business *Utilize 80/20’s Needs

9 Objections We are very price-sensitive and looking for the best deal I use the local printer here at the university We have a contract with another printing company We’ve used the same company for years and we’re very happy with their services We’ve had a bad experience with University Tees with your former Campus Manager I work with a distant family member who runs a press in his/her basement

10 Handling Objections Listen Probe with questions to clarify the objection Empathize “I can understand your reasoning…” Reiterate Your Benefit Statements Key Advantages of University Tees Convenience (On Campus & In Person) Custom Art Design in 24 Hours One Simple, Inclusive Price (No Additional Fees) 7-9 Business Day Turnaround Time Bird Bank Ask Again

11 The Magic Answer “Yes, I would be willing to give University Tees a try.”

12 Cross Selling & Up Selling Cross Selling Suggesting Water Bottles or Sunglasses for your new customer’s upcoming Outdoor Event that they’re ordering Tank Tops. Up Selling Suggesting that the customer looks at the Gildan® Soft Style T-Shirt or the American Apparel® Fine Jersey Tee after committing to the Gildan® 50/50 T- Shirt. (Use your Sample Pack!!) Be The Expert Utilize your experience, product knowledge and BDL to offer items they wouldn’t know we carried.

13 Closing Gather customer information Phone number, e-mail address, shipping information Gather their apparel needs, quantities and art ideas Set Expectations Explain our online system, specify what we mean by “business days” and explain what you collectively have to do to obtain your goals Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Also, don’t make promises that you can’t keep. And again, don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

14 Follow Up Send e-mails, text messages or phone calls to confirm that the order was received on time and that the order was correct Get creative with ways to show that you appreciate their business Ask for additional business “Did you have anything else coming up in the future that you’d like quotes for?” Ask for referrals “Do you think you know anyone else that would value our products and services?”

15 090 00 2 876543215 1 004987654321039876543210987654321021987654321098765432100 HoursMinutesSeconds What are your take-aways?

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