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Close on the Spot! or Follow Up? 24 August 2002. Do we really need to Follow-Up? 90% of people that joined the business did not participate on the same.

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1 Close on the Spot! or Follow Up? 24 August 2002

2 Do we really need to Follow-Up? 90% of people that joined the business did not participate on the same day they saw the business…., So what does that tell you…….? You need to do follow up!!!

3 What is the objective of follow up? REMEMBER, YOU AND I KNOW THAT IF THEY UNDERSTOOD THIS PROPERLY THEY WOULD BE IN!!! SO LETS HELP THEM UNDERSTAND Create a sense of Urgency Simply, set an appointment (don’t try to close on the phone!). To clarify all issues and answer questions/ doubts if and. This is a process not an event. Make them see how NSE is solution to their problems So Get them to a second meeting (The Sign Up) Gives you a chance to Build the partnership BOND!

4 When is the right time to Follow-up? Within the next 48hrs Excellent 3-5 daysNot Good More than a weekWeak More than 2 weeks Bury the Dead ( Why waste your time meeting them in the first place!! ) REMEMBER you need to meet them fast while the business is still fresh on their mind!

5 Ways to follow up. Visit the Nuskin Office with them Meet up with experienced upline Executive Attend a Training to observe the power of infrastructure/support in OTG Group and to illustrate how simple the Business is Get them to BOM if they have not seen one

6 So What do you say on the phone? You have reviewed the websites right? What were your initial thoughts after the meeting? REMEMBER take complete control of the conversation. Let them sense your confidence. They will only attract to you only if you are confident in what you have

7 Some common objections Well, I don’t think it’s for me I don’t think I can do this I studied it, don’t want to do it I don’t have the time I spoke to my spouse That’s fine and I respect that but I am just curious, what exactly do you think you will be doing?

8 Some common objections Recruiting, selling products, calling friends etc. Answer objections one by one the way you will answer it during a close.

9 Probing Have you spoken to anyone about the business at all? Find out if they have spoken to anyone and faced rejections, dreams stealers, that possibly affected his/her decision. Then, completely discredit that dreamstealer (eg. “are they making $50K/mth?”)

10 If they did…… Seems like you tried to explain the business to someone. That’s like trying to perform Brain surgery without having done the medical course! I don’t encourage it. What you saw was a general overview. You are not yet in a position of knowledge to explain it, that is why we emphasize proper training first before you talk to anyone. Does that make sense? Good! Lets meet over coffee etc……..

11 My friend did it before & failed…… ( You should Discredit the wrong Information!) Do you think there is a reason why your friend failed but I am actually on a proven success track? So Do you think its possible that I know something that your friend doesn’t? Wouldn’t you want to know what it is? These are your most powerful lines. It radiates your Confidence

12 I don’t think I have the time…… I respect that and I know exactly how you feel. What If I could show you a way to create large royalty income streams by using intelligent time, NOT lots of time? You see we will always be BUSY BUSY BUSY unless something changes right? Does it bother you that you are busy all the time? That’s why You can’t afford not to find out exactly what I know that others don’t.

13 The Big Picture Its obvious you have not been given all the facts. If you had, you definitely would be looking into this. With the launch of “the Scanner” and “New Market”, we are about to go thru major massive growth right here and you don’t want to miss it. Do you agree that intelligent business decisions can only be made once we have all the facts? So lets get together and give you all the facts.

14 Use a hook I am going to work with one person to get them on an income of between 10 to 20K a mth inside of one year. Do you know anyone who would be interested in that? Who have you talked to lately that has told you they are unhappy with what they do and are underpaid and overworked and looking for a lucrative change.

15 Always Go back to the WHY! Well, you did mention during the meeting that……. You’d like to be able to retire early You’d like to make some extra income You don’t want to work for the rest of your life There is no job security anymore You’d like to have more time So Why did you say that? So is it worth us meeting to discuss that?

16 Set the Appointment Why don’t we do this, let’s meet up and run through some key issues and ultimately it’s really up to you whether you do this or not. I’m simply going to give you all the facts so you can make an informed decision. (Take Control) So I am free on…mon 2pm… or…tues 6-30pm….. Which is better for you?

17 Follow-up is purely a Bonding, Information and Sifting process. If they show any sign of being uncoachable in any way – I’m out of there fast! Its their Loss. They can’t have what I’ve got Use the “Consultant” approach When your prospect sees that you are not after a QUICK SALE like other Distributors they will be more relaxed about joining you. Start “Partnering” not “Selling” Natural networking / we do it all our lives There is No Fear. “I can do what you are doing!” This raises their confidence level

18 Have you done your follow up?

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