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Suggestive Selling Step 6.

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1 Suggestive Selling Step 6

2 Objectives Explain the benefits of suggestion selling
List the rules for effective suggestion selling Demonstrate appropriate specialized suggestion selling methods

3 Suggestion Selling Maintaining and building a clientele is CRUCIAL for future sales It is important to make a good impression, get to know your customers, and provide excellent customer service Suggestion selling is selling additional goods/services to the customer Selling items to customers that will ultimately save time and money or make the original purchase more appreciated

4 Suggestion Selling Selling is a process of persuasion
When a counter clerk at McDonald’s asks you whether you would like a drink, fries, or an apple pie with your order…they are trying to suggestively selling you something

5 Benefits of Suggestion Selling
the salesperson customers will want to do business with you again, so your sales will increase Salespeople are often evaluated on their sales figures the customer they will be pleased with their purchase the company the time and cost involved in suggestion selling is less than the cost of making the original sale

6 Rules for Suggestive Selling
1. Use suggestion selling after the customer has made a commitment to buy but before payment is made or the order written Introducing new merchandise too early can create pressure Only exception is when the product’s accessories are a major benefit New gaming system…should probably show new games that can be used on the system 2. Make your recommendation from the customer’s point of view and give at least one reason for your suggestion “For your child to enjoy this toy immediately, you’ll need two AAA batteries.”

7 Rules for Suggestive Selling
3. Make the suggestion definite “This oil is recommended by the manufacturer for this engine.” Don’t say… “Will that be all?” 4. Show the item you are suggesting In many cases, the item will sell itself if you let the customer see and handle it! Place a matching purse next to the shoes that the customer just decided to buy 5. Make the suggestion positive “Let me show you the matching top for those slacks. It will complete the outfit beautifully.” Don’t say… “You wouldn’t want to look at scarves for your new coat, would you?”

8 Suggestion Selling Methods
Offering Related Merchandise Recommending Larger Quantities Calling Attention to Special Sales Opportunities

9 Offering Related Merchandise
Also known as cross selling, increases the use or enjoyment of the customer’s original purchase Probably the easiest suggestion selling method Can be a good or service being offered

10 Recommending Larger Quantities
Often referred to as up-selling Works when selling inexpensive items or when saving money, time, or convenience is involved Retail “One pair costs $4, but you can buy three pairs for $10.” Organizational The customer can take advantage of lower prices or special considerations like free shipping

11 Calling Attention to Special Sales Opportunities
Retail Routinely inform your customer of the arrival of new merchandise “We’re having a one day sale on all items in this department. You might want to look around before I process your purchase.” Organizational Show new items to customers after they have completed the sale of merchandise requested The salesperson has the opportunity to establish a rapport with the customer before introducing new merchandise

12 Why should the sales person always try to show the item being suggested?

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