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How to Make $100,000 a Year Selling Real Estate The Pre-listing Package.

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1 How to Make $100,000 a Year Selling Real Estate The Pre-listing Package

2 7 Critical Keys of Differentiation Between Agents 1.You need a plan 2.You need to be able to prospect 3.You need a great presentation 4.You need to be able to overcome objections 5.You need to be able to close 6.You need to be able to manage your time 7.You need, above all else… Accountability

3 Imagine arriving at an appointment to find that the sellers already know about you and what makes you THE BEST agent to sell their home. They’ve already reviewed your documents and completed your disclosure forms. The listing is almost yours, and all you’ve done is walk in the door.

4 The Pre-Listing Package What is the purpose? You, Your company, Pricing What do you think most agents use for a pre-listing package? Ever get a call from a seller to say “your services are not required”?

5 Suggested Pieces Disclosures Agency Disclosure Sellers Home Disclosure Form Well Disclosure Private Sewer Disclosure Home Inspector Home Warranty

6 Client testimonials Excerpt quotes from past clients Include their name, title (if any), and home address Ask for permission to write them if necessary

7 Write a cover letter explaining how your experience helps you sell homes faster and at a higher price Build your credentials about yourself and your team members. Tie information about your credentials and your team members back to the sellers as a benefit Bullet point the major pieces of your listing presentation Your brochure or “About Me” Additional Pieces…

8 Sellers To-Do List Get a list of utility bills and average them out for gas, electric, water Have a copy of your house key ready Mortgage information, loan number, address, phone number Torrens or an abstract (where is the abstract?) Make a standard To-Do list and brand it with your personal look Loan information request form Keith Maahs

9 Educate the Seller Pricing graphs Days on market % of list to sold MLS average Number of sales in their price range Number of listings in their price range The effects of overpricing

10 Position yourself favorably 10 Critical questions to ask your realtor before you list… Do you have another job? Do you do virtual tours yourself or hire someone? Will you place my home on 12 of the most used worldwide websites? How many websites will you place my home at locally? Do you have a plan to find a specific buyer for my home? Will you send “Just Listed” announcements to over 3000 agents the first week? Will you make a website for my home? Will you enhance my listing at Will you place my home at Yahoo!, Google Base,, and What is your list to sale ratio?

11 High Tech World Most buyers use it Your agent needs it Does you agent have the latest technology to be alerted instantly when a buyer is asking about your home?

12 8 Essential Tips from Today’s Successful Sellers Price your home based on what buyers are paying for similar sized homes – Today. Your home needs to have a “WOW” first impression. Stage your home or have your agent suggest a professional. Be ready for a showing at any time. Never turn down a showing. Do not put restrictions on any showing your home. A lockbox is a must. Listen to the feedback from your agent. They have their finger on the pulse of the market. If your home is not having showings, the price is too high, reduce the price. If your home is having showings and no one is writing offers, the price is too high, reduce the price. Work only with an agent who has a real plan to sell your home. Brokerage fees and marketing go hand in hand. Don’t underestimate the marketing power of a premium broker with a premium price.

13 It’s not what you say but how you say it Let’s get your home sold I’m here to help A solid plan to help you move 10 staging secrets Realize maximum profits Professionals with exclusive service plans Executive Privilege

14 Top Producers Automate themselves Only Orly says: Use TheRedX Use affirmations Track themselves and their activity Know what they have to do everyday, the night before Prospect daily

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