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Chapter 8 France, Germany and Russia Royal Power in one Power point!

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1 Chapter 8 France, Germany and Russia Royal Power in one Power point!

2 Versailles


4 France Bourbon Dynasty ruled as France’s most powerful monarchs from late 1500s to early 1800s 1 st King was Henry IV, He worked with the Estates General, (France’s version of Congress) to create order and repair France’s roads and industry His 9 year old son Louis XIII becomes king next. **He appoints Cardinal Richelieu who worked to transform France into an absolute monarchy and wanted to make France the supreme military and economic power in Europe (this is the time period for the Three Musketeers novels)

5 LOUIS XIV The most powerful Bourbon monarch Became king in 1643 at age 5! Ruled for 72 years Known as the Sun King Builds famous palace at Versailles outside of Paris. Fought with Spain in the War of Spanish Succession vs. England, Austria and the Dutch over whether or not Louis XIV’s grandson, Phillip, should get the throne of Spain. Spain and France won their war and Phillip V became king of Spain


7 Brainstorm: In your groups: What are the advantages to being a king at age 5? Disadvantages?

8 Versailles


10 Vla Review Louis XIV: Versailles: Three Musketeers: Louis XIV Rap:

11 WRAP UP ACTIVITY In your group create your own 5 to 8 line RAP OR a Funny POEM reviewing 5 to 8 key facts from this section…. Choose a presenter to present your creative genius to the class.

12 German States Germany divided into states of Austria, Bohemia, Prussia Silesia and other minor ones... 1618 a Thirty Years War Began in German State of Bohemia Started as war between Catholic princes and Protestant subjects Catholic side led by Hapsburg heir King Ferdinand of Bohemia. He repressed protestant Czechs in his kingdom. They rebel.



15 German States Cont. War was complicated Started with Protestant Czechs, vs Catholic German princes. Later others joined in: Protestant North German states, the Dutch, even Sweden Finally ends with Peace of Westphalia,(1648) allowed Protestant Germans under Hapsburg rule stay Protestant.

16 Key German leader of Prussia was Fredrick II, became Frederick the Great, expanded and highly trained his military. Prussia and Austria (to the south) fought each other in two wars: War of Austrian Succession: Prussia rises as world power. 7 Years War: 1756-1763: Great Britain and Prussia vs. France and Russia and Austria. ADD: First WORLD War! France loses most of Canada, Great Britain gets India, Prussia keeps a German state of Silesia.


18 7 Years War Map

19 Vla Reviews: Thirty Years War: IN groups or solo list or web out as many details as your group can squeeze from the following images War of Austrian Succession: 7 Years War:

20 Russia Russia was isolated from Western affairs 1200s to the early 1700s. Ruled by Czars (meaning King) who ruled over serfs (very poor peasants) Most Russians very poor Ivan IV : (1533-1584) The terrible, religious and cruel. Burned some rebel serfs in a giant skillet! Limited powers of Russian nobles called Boyars Set up Russia’s first secret police “oprichniki”


22 Russia cont. Time of Troubles: after Ivan’s death, feuds over throne, peasant revolts and foreign invasions Cossacks formed now, warrior pioneers left Moscow and became horse riders from Ukraine, formed self-governing villages Peter the Great famous ROMANOV dynasty Czar takes over in 1689. Was 7 feet tall, modernized Russian nobility after touring the West, built seaport city called St. Petersburg.

23 Peter the Great/St. Petersburg (today Lenningrad)

24 Catherine the Great Catherine II next notable ruler, took the throne from her weak husband Peter III. Born a German Princess Forced more peasants into serfdom then anyone before her Brutally crushed uprisings Defeated an army of Ottoman Turks. Expanded Russia’s southern borders a got a warm water port on Black Sea. Took over almost half of Poland, ending it’s existence as a country until 1919! Last of the Great absolute monarchs before ideas of liberty begin to spread through Europe.

25 VLA Terrible Warp Ups: Warp speed now! Ivan The Terrible: C5N6Y C5N6Y Peter The Great: Ow Ow Catherine the GREAT: Lr8 Lr8 Which one would you hang out with? Why?

26 Wrap UP: #1: Whip Around review: each student tells one fact if we get to 10 with NO repeats then no extra HW! Review/HW: Create a clever or funny HEadLINE for each slide of WRITTEN notes on Germany and Russia…

27 Wrap Up Review: Extra HW: design a MOVIE poster advertising a movie based on real facts either from France, Germany or Russia…. Include at least 8 real facts and 2 to 4 pictures of an “action” scene! Be ready to share!

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