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This is JEOPARDY Absolute Monarchs Absolute Monarchs Mr. Booth/Alex Trebek Mr. Booth/Alex Trebek.

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2 This is JEOPARDY Absolute Monarchs Absolute Monarchs Mr. Booth/Alex Trebek Mr. Booth/Alex Trebek

3 Categories Family Names/Maps Random Chapter 21 Key Terms English Civil War Random The Sun King

4 Final Jeopardy

5 Name at least three reasons why Russia was so far behind Western Europe in economic development 1 minute, 30 seconds…

6 Who is Cardinal Mazarin? Because Louis XIV was too young to rule France after his father’s death, this Cardinal was his mother, Queen Anne appointed to rule France

7 What is Minister Fuque? The finance minister who was jailed because his the Sun King was jealous of his home. He promptly hired his architect, and landscapers

8 What is the Edict of Nantes? This law offered Henry IV, allowed Protestants to practice their faith. Later, Louis XIV revoked this right.

9 Who is Apollo? Louis XIV once dressed like this Greek/Roman god and called himself “The Sun King.”

10 Louis XIV minister of economics/finance carried out this economic plan in which France would export more than they would import to be “self-sufficient.” What is Mercantalism?

11 The empire labeled A on the map What is the Holy Roman Empire?

12 This body of water is where Phillip II sent his Spanish Armada to attack England. What is the English Channel?

13 The two countries where the Hapsburgs (Catholics) had rulers Who is Spain and Austria?

14 Peter the Great’s family name was this Who are the Romanovs?

15 Frederick the Great of Prussia labeled F on the map had this family name

16 King Frederick William I strengthened this in Prussia to make it best in Europe What is the Military?

17 Daily Double “Don’t Choke!”

18 What is the Bourbons? If the English family name of Queen Elizabeth I was Tudor, this was the family name for Louis XIV

19 Under Peter the Great, Russia was this Christian denomination What is Russian Orthodox?

20 This man is the first Czar (leader) of Russia. He is known for his good periods of adding land to Russia, but also for bad periods like killing nobles, their peasants, and killing his son. Who is Ivan IV or Ivan the Terrible?

21 This “warm port” city in Russia was built to foster trade with the Europeans and too boost tourism

22 King of England during the English Civil War Who is Charles I?

23 The King of England before the English Civil War wanted to attack Scotland after their refusal to become what religious Christian denomination What is Anglican Protestant?

24 This man was leader of Parliament Roundheads and the New Model Army Who is Oliver Cromwell?

25 These were what people were called who supported the King during the English Civil War. Who are the Royalists or Cavaliers?

26 Daily Double “Don’t Choke!”

27 This period after the military dictator who won the English Civil War had died; the monarch of England was put back in place when Charles II took the throne What is the Restoration ?

28 Obtaining this writ was a right for any person if you were arrested you had to be formally charged with a crime or released from jail

29 Men of France who administered justice and collected taxes in place of the nobles Who are Intendents?

30 Idea that nothing can be known for certain What is Skepticism?

31 The idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God’s representative on Earth. What is Divine Right?

32 Another name for Russian nobles Who are the Boyars?

33 When the King of Portugal died with no heirs, he took over Portugal Who is Phillip II?

34 French Protestants are called this What are Hugenots?

35 What is the Thirty Years War ( )? During this war, Hapsburg armies attacked German princes (within the H.R.E.) which was basically a war between Catholics and Protestants

36 What is the Peace of Westphalia? This treaty in 1648 ended a war that ended all religious wars in Europe, and a new method of peace negotiations in which all participants meet to settle problems of war and terms of peace.

37 Who is King James I? King overthrown in Glorious Revolution

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