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Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging

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1 Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging
Chapter 20 Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging

2 Chapter 20 Key Points Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging
Have been part of children’s games since ancient times Form part of many sports that are played today These skills can be developed by providing challenging tasks and games during physical education These skills require children to have: a functional understanding of space awareness concepts mastered fundamental traveling skills Progression Spiral suggests progression of tasks

3 Chapter 20 Key Points Teaching Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging
Many children cannot perform the skills effectively in dynamic game situations Children Moving suggests initially providing learning experiences that enable children to become capable chasers, fleers and dodgers, before putting them into a game situation

4 Chapter 20 Key Points Teaching Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging (cont)
Precontrol Level Tasks Give children opportunity to explore the skills in simple situations Control Level Tasks Allow children to practice the skills in relatively static situations, combining with only one other variable

5 Chapter 20 Key Points Teaching Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging (cont)
Utilization Level Tasks Presented once children can effectively chase, flee and dodge by reacting quickly and accurately to others Place children in more complex and changing situations (e.g. games or complex tasks) Proficiency Level Tasks Involve activities where children used skills effectively in a wide variety of game contexts (e.g. dodging players in football-type game)

6 Chapter 20 Key Points Teaching Chasing, Fleeing and Dodging (cont)
Activities found in text Identifies tasks Identifies Challenges Assessment ideas found throughout chapter

7 Progression Spiral for the Skill Theme of Chasing, Fleeing and Dodging
PROFICIENCY LEVEL Dodging while manipulating an object in a game situation Using team strategy for chasing, fleeing, and dodging (Rip Flag) Dodging in a game situation (Pirate’s Treasure; Safety Bases) Chasing and dodging simultaneously (Snatch the Flag) Chasing and fleeing in a game situation Dodging while maintaining possession of an object Continual fleeing and chasing with a large group UTILIZATION LEVEL Dodging while manipulating an object Dodging in a dynamic situation (Body‑Part Tag) Dodging and chasing one person in a mass (Partner Dodge) Dodging and chasing as part of a team (Octopus) Dodging and faking moves to avoid a chaser (Freeze‑and‑Count Tag) People Dodge (dodging stationary obstacles) CONTROL LEVEL Fleeing a chaser (Frogs and Flies) Overtaking a fleeing person (Catch‑up Chase) Dodging with quick changes of direction Dodging the obstacles Fleeing from a partner Dodging in response to a signal PRECONTROL LEVEL Make-Believe Chase Traveling to dodge Traveling to flee Moving obstacles

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