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Ms. Herberger’s Second Grade Class Welcome, students!

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2 Ms. Herberger’s Second Grade Class Welcome, students!

3 Welcome to Second Grade! We will play a game to learn about 2 nd grade.

4 2 Points 1 Point 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points

5 Your Teacher 1 Point Your Teacher 1 Point What type of student does Ms. Herberger like? A.A student who is bossy B.A student who tries his best C.A student who rushes through her work quickly D.A student who forgets to bring his homework back to school, but promises he did it at home

6 Your Teacher 2 Points Your Teacher 2 Points Which of these does Ms. Herberger like to do? A.Read and create websites B.Skateboard C.Play video games D.Visit her students at home to make sure they do their homework

7 Your Teacher 3 Points Your Teacher 3 Points What type of work does Ms. Herberger plan for her students to do? A.Challenging but helps students to learn B.Super easy so students can do it on their own C.Super hard D. games, crafts, and projects all day long

8 Your Teacher 4 Points Your Teacher 4 Points What does Ms. Herberger do to get the attention of her students? A.Yell really loudly B.Tap everyone on their shoulders C.Clap a pattern D.Ring a bell

9 Your Teacher 5 Points Your Teacher 5 Points Which subject is Ms. Herberger’s favorite to teach? A.Reading B.Math C.Science D.Social Studies

10 Which one of these will cause me to “move my monkey?” A.Talking when someone else is sharing an idea or asking a question B.Being unkind or unsafe C.Not following directions D.All of these things will cause me to “move my monkey” Classroom Rules 1 Points Classroom Rules 1 Points

11 What should I do when Ms. Herberger gives directions? A.Finish my work first, then follow the directions B.Repeat the directions to a classmate and tell him or her what to do C.Follow the directions right away D.Make Ms. Herberger keep repeating the directions until her head explodes Classroom Rules 2 Points Classroom Rules 2 Points

12 What can I do if I finish my work early? A.Talk to my friends B.Read quietly from my book box at my desk C.Play with stuff in my desk D.Rest with my head down on my desk Classroom Rules 3 Points Classroom Rules 3 Points

13 What should I do if I need help and Ms. Herberger is working with some other kids? A.Interrupt her and tell her I need help B.Stop working and wait for Ms. Herberger to get done so she can come help me C.Cry D.Ask 3 classmates for help. If they can’t help me, then I can ask Ms. Herberger Classroom Rules 4 Points Classroom Rules 4 Points

14 After I read a book I should… A.Keep it in my desk B.Put it back in my own book box and wait until book shopping day to get new books C.Ask Ms. Herberger what to do so I’m sure I do everything correctly D.Put it in the correct basket in the classroom library Classroom Rules 5 Points Classroom Rules 5 Points

15 There are four other 2 nd grade teachers. Who are they? A.Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Mosay, Mrs. O’Mara, Mrs. Kearns B.Mrs. Kasulke, Mrs. Gurien, Mrs. Schar, Mrs. Gorski C.Ms. Bank, Mrs. Flack, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Gonzalez D.Mrs. Horner, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Schnepp, Mrs. Lavalle All About 2 nd Grade 1 Point All About 2 nd Grade 1 Point

16 2 nd grade is cool because we will learn… A.To write in cursive B.To speak Spanish C.Everything we need to know about reading for the rest of our lives D.To drive a car! All About 2 nd Grade 2 Points All About 2 nd Grade 2 Points

17 Each night homework will include… A.Math only B.Spelling only C.Math and spelling D.Math, spelling, and some push-ups All About 2 nd Grade 3 Points All About 2 nd Grade 3 Points

18 Which topic will we learn about in Social Studies? A.China B.Human Body C.Reading and Using Maps D.Cartoons All About 2 nd Grade 4 Points All About 2 nd Grade 4 Points

19 Which of these will be our first field trip? A.To see a play B.To hear a symphony performance C.The Science Center D.Outerspace All About 2 nd Grade 5 Points All About 2 nd Grade 5 Points

20 When is a good time to go to the bathroom? A.When the teacher is talking B.Only during lunch C.Whenever I feel like it D.After directions have been given and it’s a quiet work time Other Stuff 1 Point Other Stuff 1 Point

21 When do you use your “student identification number”? A.For writing on your homework B.For writing on a test C.For buying lunch, logging onto the computer, and logging onto websites for our reading and math programs D.Never! Who cares about that number? Other Stuff 2 Points Other Stuff 2 Points

22 Toys need to stay…. A.on top of my desk my desk, but I can’t play with them when I should be working my locker home Other Stuff 3 Points Other Stuff 3 Points

23 Who is our principal? A.Mrs. Mosay B.Mrs. Bailey C.Mrs. O’Mara D.Mrs. Kearns Other Stuff 4 Points Other Stuff 4 Points

24 How many days do we come to school? A.100 B.150 C.180 D.181 Other Stuff 5 Points Other Stuff 5 Points

25 Good job Second Graders!

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