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2  is the web design and promotion business of Accounts Outsourcing Services Ltd.  We have been creating spectacular websites for our clients  Our ability to undertake attention-grabbing promotional campaign sets us apart from others  Amazing success stories for our current clients

3  "The average Briton spends more time shopping online and surfing the web than watching TV“ BBC Mar 2006  ‘UK internet users access the web an average 21 days every month and spend over 34 hours accessing 3,440 web pages, according to a review of European internet activity by comScore’ Jun 2007 comScore

4  Promote your business through inviting people to visit your website  The way to do business in the 21 st century  Improve the image of your business  Internet is one of the most cheapest yet powerful way to promote your business  If you do not have a website competitors online are taking revenue that you are missing out on

5  We are specialist in identifying your business identity on the Web  We will provide you with stunning, beautiful and effective web pages  We give our clients the opportunity to choose the theme for the website from sample we recommend based on your business type

6  1.Domian Name i.e  2.Hosting (with backup facility ensuring your website is online 24/7)  3. Unlimited POP3 email and  4. Free webmail (clients can access their email from anywhere in the world)  4. Ad hoc Email account setup  5. Site design  6. Yearly website maintenance

7  7. Monthly Web Performance Reports  8. Ad hoc Web updates  9. Customer support

8  Our client are able to assess how successful the internet has been for their business through the monthly statistics we provide for the usage of their website  Using our exclusive technology we can help client better understand who is visiting their website, their behavior, & where they are coming from

9  Promotion of your site is essential and every effort will be made to give it the necessary profile to target PC users everywhere.  Search engines, directories, press and media campaigns are conducted to allow your site to be found by your prospective clients

10  Listings your business in a number of directory including  Estimated number of visits for 140,902 visits per  Yellow pages for the internet  Your company will appear under type of services  Map and directions are provided by the directory


12 Free Search Engine Submission Directly linked to 14 search engines: focusLook, Burf, Subjex, Alexa, Scrub The Web, Google, LookSeek, Jayde, InfoTiger, NerdWorld, Aeiwi, Walhello, LifeTips, ExactSeek, and EntireWeb


14  Your website will be index tagged through our special programming package (Descriptive Meta Tags) to search engines such as Google  This means your business will appear ahead of others when key words are typed  Search engines look for your website as they “spider” find and index websites  ‘If your not indexed by Google, you pretty much don’t exist’ Newsweek Mar 2004

15  We will give you some free ‘pay per click’ credits for Google  We will arrange for Google to spider find and the html code to your website  This means the business interest from Google to your Website will Sky rocket  Google is by far the most used Search Engine in the world giving your business a profile to hundreds of millions of pc users

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