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CONVERSION AND SETUP Matt Thompson – PMO Seattle

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1 CONVERSION AND SETUP Matt Thompson – PMO Seattle

2 Install the program from a TW 5.0 program disk (pictured)
Disk Contains :

3 Opening screen after installation.

4 Station Data Type and Country

5 Station Data

6 Call Sign / VOS Mask ID

7 Wind Speed and Direction

8 Wind Speed / Direction VOSCLIM

9 Temperature Set the air temperature exposure to marine screen. This is the default option for the Temp Set the default state of the wet bulb to wet-bulb not frozen. Set the default seawater temperature exposure as appropriate for the ship. Click OK to save the default temperature exposure settings.

10 SETTINGS Configuring TurboWin to the observation TurboWin provides the facility to the observations as an alternative to using Inmarsat. Before use, the settings must be configured in TurboWin as described below. Note: The use of to send the observations is at the ship’s own expense. From the menu bar, select Maintenance>> settings. The dialogue box in Figure 28 will be presented.

11 If an client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird is already installed and configured on the computer then TurboWin will use this package, and the only the first two fields must be completed: In the Obs address recipient field enter in lower case replacing the cmss address. In the Obs subject field enter weather observation as shown.

12 con’t *NOTE: the example above should replace *If an client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird is not installed on the computer, then the client in TurboWin can be used to the observations. In this situation, the remaining fields shown in must be completed, possibly with the assistance of the Ship’s Engineer/IT personnel In the outgoing SMTP mail server enter the ships SMTP mail server address, typically this will be in the form of In the outgoing mail server username enter the username authorized to send s to the SMTP mail server indicated in In your (station) address enter the ship’s address. In your (station) name enter the name of the ship. Click the save button to save the settings.

13 Recording the Settings
Recording the TurboWin Configuration Settings Details of the TW50 configuration settings should be recorded by the PMO on the TurboWin Configuration Log. The purpose of this log is to record the configuration settings in the event that TW50 must be reinstalled by a person other than the PMO responsible for the ship. A blank TurboWin Configuration Log sheet is installed with TurboWin Extras. To open this form for printing, navigate to C:\Meteo\Extras\manuals\ and then double click on the tw_config_log.pdf file.

14 Log files for climatology
The recovered IMMT data must be prepared for delivery to NDBC and the log files compressed into a single file using a Winzip compatible program. The compressed file is to be named according to the following convention: Ship call_TURBOWIN_firstobs_lastobs.ZIP, where firstobs and lastobs, in the format YYYYMMDDHH, are extracted from the IMMT.TXT file, columns 2-11, in the first and last lines respectively. The file is to be sent as an attachment to the Marine Operations Group ( address: or sent to assigned PMO).

15 Message box when Move to floppy disk is selected. Click OK.
It is recommended to also include the ship visit date on the label. Message box when Move to USB is selected. Click OK then select the destination drive and folder for the TurboWin log files.

16 Can advance each section individually by radio buttons or auto advance to each screen

17 Tracking map from Obs.


19 TurboWin 5.5 New 101 format compressed messages will be integrated into TurboWin

20 Whales and dolphins reporting
TurboWin 5.5 Whales and dolphins reporting

21 Email settings will have password protection
TurboWin 5.5 settings will have password protection

22 TurboWin 5.5 sea state thumbnail will reflect inserted wind speed

23 TurboWin 5.5 IMMT-5 storage


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