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By: Bailey Wind with Chris Graf Julia Reeves Period 7 1/15/14

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1 By: Bailey Wind with Chris Graf Julia Reeves Period 7 1/15/14
Save Me a Spot In Heaven By: Bailey Wind with Chris Graf Julia Reeves Period 7 1/15/14

2 Plot Summary Bailey Wind is a 17 year old Shaker graduate who has already dealt with a great deal of loss in her life. At such a young age she lost the love of her life, Christopher Stewart, and her close friend, Deanna Rivers, in a tragic car accident. Throughout the book readers learn about Bailey and Chris’s life before the accident. They had an endless amount of love for one another. They shared a bond that many people aren’t able to find in their lives. Bailey tells readers her story of triumph and perseverance. She is finding a way to make the best out of her situation and that is admirable. This book is written for the remembrance of Chris and the great life he lead on. He will never be forgotten. “Save me a spot in heaven #69! I love you now and forever!” (Pg. 178)

3 Settings There’s not one particular setting in this book. It makes sense, though, because this isn’t an ordinary story. This book is about Bailey and Chris’s life so the settings which are important are the places they were able to spend time together. Places like this included their houses, schools, football fields, wherever they went on dates, and unfortunately the Northway when Bailey, Chris, Deanna, and Deanna’s boyfriend Matt, were on the way to Deanna’s house to hang out.

4 Critical Review This book is amazing. If anyone was considering whether to read this book, then they should without a doubt. I have already recommended this book to numerous people. Those who have already read it know how much of a touching story it is. One minute you are crying the next you are laughing. This story forces you to look at life from a different perspective. It makes you look bad and stop taking what you have for granted, especially friends and family. You never know when the last time you will speak to them will be. One minute they are there and the next they could be gone.

5 This is one of the many texts Chris would send to Bailey
This is one of the many texts Chris would send to Bailey. “…with them, well that’s what happened with me towards you, you stuck out to me like a sore thumb and I knew after we saw Twilight you were the girl I wanted to spend all of my time with. Idk if I show how much I appreciate you enough but I really sincerely do appreciate everything. You don’t only give me a best friend who I can talk to about anything, but you give me an amazing girlfriend who I can be in love with no matter what the circumstances are.” (Pg. 135)

6 Analysis of the Quote Its weird how Chris was saying he could be in love with Bailey no matter what the circumstances were because at that time he thought nothing of it. Now its Bailey who loves him so deeply despite the circumstances. I couldn’t imagine living life without someone whom I share the same amount of love for like Bailey and Chris did.

7 Love and Loss What Bailey Wind is trying to convey to her readers is to be strong even when it is hard. That you can make the best out of tragic situations. Since this book is a true story, it’s hard to say what the main idea is. I guess it’s the story of their love for one another and her life after the accident because you don’t really know what you have until its gone.

8 Author Biography Bailey Wind was a normal high school girl. She was bullied, lost friends, gained some, had the normal drama that a teenage girl has to deal with and an amazing boyfriend. Then all of a sudden her life was turned upside down. On December 1, 2012, Bailey Wind, Chris Stewart, Deanna Rivers and her boyfriend Matt Hardy were on there way to Deanna’s house when they were hit by a drunk driver. The car accident claimed 2 lives, Chris’s and Deanna’s, and left Bailey and Matt in critical condition. Bailey’s top four teeth were knocked out and had a broken neck which left her in a neck brace for a a long time. Matt had a broken leg and some other injuries.

9 After the car accident Bailey had to have multiple surgeries to fix the damage that was caused. Over time Bailey started to regain her strength and get back into the routine of her daily life. Bailey is currently attending the University of Tennessee and continues to dive competitively. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about Chris.


11 Reference Slide Wind, Bailey. Save Me a Spot In Heaven. Troy, NY: Troy Book Marker, Print.

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