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Everlost By Neal Shusterman

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1 Everlost By Neal Shusterman
Report by JT

2 Setting? The setting takes place in a place on the way to heaven.
Supposedly there is a tunnel to heaven and you can get “bumped” off course and into Everlost. This place is the real world in New York only seen from a dead point of view. There are dead spots where death has occurred and let the Everlost children stand. Any place that death has not occurred, the children will sink to the center of the earth slowly, and left to wait until the earth explodes.

3 Characters No single person in Everlost is over the age of 15 or 16, and no one can figure out why. The rules of living don’t apply either: breathing or pain. Allie is a girl who just entered Everlost is very adventurous and gets annoyed easily. She wants to see as much of Everlost as possible. She can get jealous as well. She is a pretty girl and thinks lots about style. She was wearing a dress when she crossed.

4 More!!!!! Nick is a cautious boy who is short, has black hair, and constant chocolate on his face. He just entered Everlost as well but is content on staying where he is. Appearance remains the same in Everlost. He is scared about all the wonders of Everlost. Lief is an 11 year old boy who has been stuck in Everlost for over 100 years. He has forgotten his name as most kids do but still enjoys fun of no pain. He plays a game of falling off trees and hitting branches. He is also very adventurous and daring. The McGill is a monster who was once a kid who was sinking to the center of the earth when he climbed back to the top. He forgot what he looked like along the way so he transformed into a monster. He captures people and puts them on his ship, an old oil tanker, where he hangs them upside down.

5 Favorite Character My favorite character is Leif because he is a fun-loving guy who just takes his afterlife as it is. He never feels the need to do anything because he does not have to eat, breathe, sleep, etc. so he just does anything he wants to. He makes his own game of falling from trees and doing it over and over.

6 Summary Allie and Nick get in a car crash and are bumped off course to Everlost. They meet a boy named Lief who they befriend. They meet other “Afterlights” They travel to the twin towers to join the masses of Afterlights and their leader. Nick and the leader fall in love They travel to their old home to see if people are right and get captured by the McGill, the monster. Allie gains the ability to “body surf” or enter living peoples’ souls. The McGill keeps them hostage on his boat, where he tries to become living again.

7 Again!!!! The leader and McGill turn out to be siblings.
The McGill tries to perform the ritual to bring him to life again. The leader and McGill turn out to be siblings. The McGill transforms back into his kid body and they return to the towers. They send all the kids on to the light. (Heaven)

8 Different Ending  I would have had Nick, Allie, and the leader Mary Hightower stay in Everlost to help further children who arrive in Everlost make a friend and not feel lost. They like it there and no feelings remain here, making them like it. They should have tried to make it a comfortable living long-term living condition for all the children who got lost on the way to the “light”. Since Nick and Mary fall in love they should remain rulers of Everlost.

9 Message The message of this book is that your actions affect the outcome of the situation. If you make smart decisions, the situation will turn out for the best. Any other decisions will probably lead to a worse outcome.

10 Read it!!!! I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a little of everything. It has action, adventure, romance, comedy and everything else. This book is fiction which makes it all the more interesting and it keeps you continuously hooked on the story with new twists and turns everywhere.

11 Everlost: A great book How would you like to have a world where you are not dead when you should be? Where you can not feel anything? Where no living person can see you? Follow Allie, Nick and Lief as they travel through the level between heaven and living earth where they meet monsters, friends and thousands of lost children. See what happens with no adults and kids are left to fall into endless ruts, in a world where it nothing is as it seems

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