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The Book Thief CONTINUED ! By Kaylinn Thomas 1. Featuring …  Introduction  Reflection  Recovery  What next  Move on  Where to now  New life  Legacy.

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Presentation on theme: "The Book Thief CONTINUED ! By Kaylinn Thomas 1. Featuring …  Introduction  Reflection  Recovery  What next  Move on  Where to now  New life  Legacy."— Presentation transcript:

1 The Book Thief CONTINUED ! By Kaylinn Thomas 1

2 Featuring …  Introduction  Reflection  Recovery  What next  Move on  Where to now  New life  Legacy  We meet again  The book Thief closed book 2

3 Introduction Ahh, yes the continued version of The Book Thief and her days without her family and friends. I often wonder how she pulled her self together and carried on with her life. She amazes me that girl. Liesel. Come with me if you want to know how Liesel lived the rest of her life in till I see her face-to- face myself -Death 3

4 Reflection * Now I hope I dont have to go too far in to detail about what happed to Himmel St the night of the bombing but here is a small recap of what happened that day. *I was making my way through Munich so I can pick up the dying souls that was still sleep in their beds. First Rudy and his sisters than frau Holtzapfel then 33 Himmel where there was a family that had big hearts, fed Jews, musicians and a writer. *Next was Mama then Papa. Crucified Christ, Papa. But there was no Liesel for me to pick up. Liesel was in the basement when it happened and her book indeed saved her life. 4

5 Recovery Now time for clean up of course its going to take a long time before the full recovery. Hummel street will never be the same but its time to get it together. Liesel still helps Alex with his shop its the only thing she has that’s is the closest to Rudy. She misses him along with all the rest of her family and friends. She thinks about them all the time, sometime even cry her self to sleep. Ilsa is very depressed for liesel she wants to talk to her but don’t know what to say She still hasn’t really taken a bath but she is talking to people now. 5

6 What now? Ilsa and liesel got closer now and they read together just like her and papa. Ilsa gave liesel another notebook so she can read again. Liesel got a job at Alex's shop. She works after school and summer vacation. Liesel still thinks about everything that happens and wonders why didn’t I take her with the rest of her family. She is slowly getting better and moving on with her life. 6

7 Move on Liesel just finish high school and she is living on her own in a small apartment in Germany still and she is going to school for journalism so she can be a writer. Liesel still sees Max all the time, he works in a boxing workout center. Liesel wants him to move out of Germany with her and they can fine a home. 7

8 Where to next? Liesel finally convinced Max to come with her. They moved to Chicago in America. She found a good school where she can finish getting her diploma. Liesel is writing her first book now and its going great. Max and liesel lives together just for a little while max is moving out because he found a girlfriend and a house. 8

9 New Life Liesel found someone too. His name is Michael she met him at one of her famous book signings. Liesel is on her 3 book now and she is very famous her books has inspired people and mad them believe that when you hit rock bottom only way you can go is up. Liesel boyfriend is really helping her speak English better and get a feel of America. Michael and her got married and had her honey moon in Australia and wanted to live there so they did. They now have 2 children and living a happy life. 9

10 Legacy Liesel is living the life she could ever ask for. She has 2 kids and one on they way and she is on her 5 book now and this on is about her life. She old her husband about how she grew up and he encouraged her write a book about it she was nervous about the thought, but she did it and it was her best seller and she named it The Book Thief. 10

11 We meet again Yes. Liesel and I finally met face-to-face but she did live her life and she loved it. When we met we chatted for a while about every thin we can think of and is got to ask all the questions I had for her. And I got to do what I been wanting to do for a very long time now witch is give her back what is hers, her book. She was very shocked and happy at the same time she wanted to know how did I get it and she asked if I had read it and I tell her many, many times. 11

12 Closed Book. Liesel and I would always be close friends. Liesel is finally with the ones she lost back when she was a kid they have all been waiting for her. She is finally at peace. And her legacy would be past on through her children. THE END… 12

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