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By: Bailey Wind Gabriella Peters Period: 7 1/17/14.

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1 By: Bailey Wind Gabriella Peters Period: 7 1/17/14

2  Bailey Wind is a strong girl from Shaker High school. She got into a bad car accident with her friends and her wonderful boyfriend, Chris Stewart. Bailey explains in the book how she overcomes life after the accident and how she got through life with Chris being gone. She explains how she's been bullied and how people made fun of her and of how she looked before and after the accident. In the book it explains all the supporters and family members that have helped her reach her goals throughout the year.

3 Shen/Shaker High School Bailey Wind and Deanna Rivers’ house. Northway/Car that all of the teenagers were in.

4  My opinion on the book is unbelievable. I would/will recommend the book to anyone around. It’s about a strong beautiful girl that goes through life after a shocking accident. It’s so interesting to think of how many people around me were so close to her. Deanna Rivers, the other girl in the accident, along with her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, were involved. Deanna passed away along with Chris. The two couples getting destroyed is crazy. I still can’t believe it.

5  “You’re the only person I see myself with and I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way I love you - Chris Stewart. Page 136

6  I believe that Bailey put that text message in the book because she wanted to show people the type of relationship that she and Chris had. My heart is with her. I can’t even imagine having the guy that I loved just taken away from me in one night, going through life without him. It’s truly amazing how she put all of her and Chris’ text messages, facebook posts and tweets in her story.

7  Bailey Wind wrote the book to explain her life before and after the accident. She shared all of her details and pictures of her and Chris’s relationship. She wanted to touch the readers’ hearts by explaining how brave she actually was and how lucky she was in life to get another chance. Realize what you have before it’s gone.

8  Bailey Wind, the author of Save Me a Spot In Heaven, is a 17 year old girl that went to Shen High School. She was in a serious car accident with her boyfriend, Chris Stewart, and their two friends, Deanna Rivers and Matt Hardy. Bailey is a prolific diver and goes to the University of Tennessee. She continues to achieve her goals in life as well dealing with the tragic loss.

9  Wind, Bailey. Save Me a Spot In Heaven. Troy, NY: Troy Book Maker, 2013. Print.

10  I wrote- Hi @BaileyWind I just finished reading your book and I just wanted to let you know how much of a role model you are to me and its truly inspiring.  She retweeted me!! Which means she liked the comment and put it on her twitter page.


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