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We are part of the biggest giving day in history..

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1 We are part of the biggest giving day in history.

2 One day. Imagine Every person. Our community.  Raising millions for the greater good.  Earning incentive funds to make each gift go further.  Winning prizes.  Increasing your social media presence.  Attracting new donors.  Getting your existing donors, board and volunteers engaged in a whole new way.

3 We coordinate our community effort, invest in the giving platform and work to raise awareness. You help us spread the word and encourage participation through your networks. HOW IT WORKS

4 Nonprofit profiles We spotlight your work on our giving site Encourage your network We all spread the word together Everyone can give Receive safe, secure contributions Donors give to your local cause through our giving website, directing their funds to your organization with a click. It’s a virtual event, with a personal twist Local giving with an online hub

5 Everyone can be a philanthropist. Together, we can reach more people Benefit local causes. All funds raised become grants to you, our partners The more you raise, the larger your share. Every gift goes farther with incentive dollars $1.1 million raised in 2014 Ranked 1 st in # NPO participating – 2014 Average of 28% first-time givers reported In 2014……. Working together for the greater good

6 All nonprofits must register for Give STL Day 2015. We did not carry over registrations. Announce on social media that you registered! Verify that your registration is complete. Registration and changes closes APRIL 10 th ! GETTING STARTED




10 You’re Registered….now what? COMMUNICATIONS More coordinated promotion leads to greater community participation—and more dollars raised.

11 Get the word out Preparation and initial engagement Countdown! Active promotion The big day Social media blitz and event experience

12 Use your existing communications to announce Getting the word out April Donor conversations Board, staff and other key constituent announcement Announce: eblast, social media, website homepage Involve your social network in spreading the word to their social networks Post the event logo on your website Create a homepage promotion Include an article in your enewsletter Promote with visual and text status updates Right Away Complete your giving profile February - March Define your communication and donor plans Connect to partners on social media May Send a countdown eblast Update your homepage promotion Share each other’s promotional activities (share, like, retweet, pin, comment) to improve visibility

13 Coordinate communications and keep conversation going Invite sharing Ask questions that encourage comments Use your website promote the giving form, social media, and real-time info Sustain and amplify momentum online May 1 st – 4 th Ramp up your social media promotions and engage your networks to give, advocate and spread the word Send a reminder eblast to donors Embed the giving form on your website Update your homepage promotion May 5 th Share hourly posts on event progress Promote the event and giving form on your homepage Share each other’s media stories and giving day milestones on your site and social profiles Promote contests, prizes and opportunities Getting the word out

14 Take snapshots and interview friends, fans and supporters to share stories on social channels HAVE FUN! Share the excitement FB: /Cfnamehere T: @Cfnamehere #givingday #givelocalamerica #eventname The big day Event experience 12:00 am Opening Bell – Prizes Kick Off 7:00 pmPajama Party and Count Down 11:59 pmClosing Bell – All Prizes Announced Stay Tuned – More To Come!!!!! Gives Day Headquarters – Trolley Room @ Forest Park

15 Hourly Prize Drawings: Most Dollars Raised in an Hour Micro Nonprofits (budget of $250,000 or less) Most Dollars Raised in an Hour Small Nonprofits (budget of $251,000 to $1 million) Most Dollars Raised in an Hour Large Nonprofits (budget of more than $1 million) Most Unique Donors in an Hour Micro Nonprofits (budget of $250,000 or less) Most Unique Donors in an Hour Small Nonprofits (budget of $251,000 to $1 million) Most Unique Donors in an Hour Large Nonprofits (budget of more than $1 million) End of Day Prize Drawings: Education Prize (Nonprofit of any size in the Education Category) Most Unique Gifts in the 24-hour Period (Micro Nonprofits) Most Unique Gifts in the 24-hour Period (Small Nonprofits) Most Unique Gifts in the 24-hour Period (Large Nonprofits) Please note that prizes are subject to change. Not all Prizewinners will be announced during the 24 hours, and all announced Prizes are subject to verification. Any ties will be split evenly amongst winners. Use social media channels to set one of YOUR donors up to win a prize Use a time sensitive contest to encourage giving “now” Celebrate winners of contest/prize and link to the giving form Spell out how a prize impacts your nonprofit or cause Promoting contests and prizes FB: /Cfnamehere T: @Cfnamehere #givingday #givelocalamerica #eventname The big day Contests and Prizes

16 AVAILABLE TOOLS We’re offering a set of supportive tools and assets to enable you to effectively communicate and promote this event to your network. Communications resources

17 Rules and Regulations (aka FAQ) DONORS Can I make a donation using my fund at the Community Foundation? Yes! The Community Foundation will be in contact with donors who have funds at the Foundation to establish which Give STL Day eligible nonprofits they wish to contribute to and for how much. We will make the arrangements to move this agreed upon amount of money from your fund on May 5th and credit it to the nonprofit of your choice. You can search for an eligible nonprofit on the Give STL Day website. Participating nonprofits will have a donation page where you can choose the amount you want to donate. Donations begin at $10 and there is no limit to the maximum size or number of donations accepted. Is my gift tax deductible? 100% of the donation qualifies as a charitable gift. You will immediately receive an email confirming the deduction from the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation. Please save this email for your records. By selecting a specific charity to receive your donation, your gift is restricted for that charity and will not be given to any other charity. You can not designate your donation for a specific program at a nonprofit. What is the minimum and maximum donation amounts? The minimum donation amount is $10. There is no maximum donation. All gifts made on are How much of my donation goes to the nonprofit? Nonprofits will receive each of the gifts earmarked for their organization. The Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation will cover the transaction cost of our platform provider, Kimbia, up to the first million dollars raised. Funds raised in excess of $1 million will be assessed a transaction cost of 2.9% by our platform provider, Kimbia. Credit card fees will apply as a percent of the donated amount, and will vary depending upon card type and the total volume discount obtained by Kimbia. Does the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation receive any portion of the donations? No, the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation does not receive any of the processing fee or the credit card processing fee. However, the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3); and therefore, can and will accept donations through Is my gift safe and secure? Yes. The website is powered by Kimbia, and is a secure PCI-Level 1 compliant site for donating to your favorite charities. You can be sure your personal information is protected when you donate through the Kimbia platform. Please read KIMBIA’s Privacy Policy.KIMBIA’s Privacy Policy. How will I be recognized as a donor? You will receive an immediate thank you and your tax receipt from the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation. Your chosen nonprofits will thank you as well to let you know how your donation will make a difference. You can choose to make an anonymous donation if you prefer. Anonymous donors will receive a tax receipt, but will not receive a thank you from the nonprofit organization to which they contributed. Does it cost anything to give on There is no fee to you as a donor. You will receive an immediate thank you and tax receipt for 100% of your donation. There are standard credit card and management fees associated with the Kimbia platform. They will be withheld from the final disbursement to nonprofit organizations.

18 Rules and Regulations (aka FAQ) NONPROFITS How much of the donations go to my organization? Your organization will receive at least 93% of the donations received the day of the event and 100% of any incentive dollars or prize money obtained during the event. Can we win more than one incentive prize? Organizations can receive one hourly prize. Once you have been selected for an hourly prize, you will no longer be eligible to receive another one. Additionally, prizes are only given for unique gifts. Dividing gifts is unnecessary and will not increase your chances of winning prizes or receiving incentive dollars. What if we have our own matching dollars for Give STL Day? While the Community Foundation has prize and incentive dollars available during the 24-hour period, we encourage each nonprofit to do whatever they can to create additional matching gift opportunities for their donors on May 5th. On the nonprofit registration site, there is a box to check if you have a donor who is providing matching gift dollars specifically to your organization on May 5th. Please alert the Community Foundation about any matching dollars you have secured. We will manually add them to the totals for the day on the leaderboard! Can we encourage donations by giving away prizes or free gifts? No. All gifts made during Give STL Day must be 100% tax deductible. You cannot offer a premium for gifts made during the event. Can we hold events or solicit dollars or pledges in advance of May 5th? No. All gifts made during Give STL Day must be made on May 5th. Holding pre-events or collecting dollars or pledges in advance is not in the spirit of generating donors on Give STL Day. You may hold any events during May 5th and any dollars collected and deposited will count toward your total for the day. You may however, encourage your donors and board members to hold their gifts until May 5th and give at that time. Can we offer tax credits to our donors through Give STL Day? No. You may contact the State of Missouri to discuss making tax credits available through Give STL Day but the Community Foundation is unable to provide any additional support to you or your donors for tax credits. When will my organization receive their donations? You will receive all donations and prize money in a single disbursement by June 30, 2015. All disbursements will be made by check. Does my organization need to send letters for their tax deductions? No. The donor will immediately receive an email confirming the gift receipt from the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation during the event. Note that all donations must be 100% tax deductible (no additional benefits). Will my organization receive donor information for acknowledgments? Yes. You will have access to donor information during the event. We also encourage you to reach out to your donors after the event and thank them for supporting your organization.

19 FB: /Cfnamehere T: @Cfnamehere #givingday #givelocalamerica #eventname Resources

20 Connecting people with your cause Receiving contributions made remarkably easy Nonprofit profiles Partner giving forms Mobile and social Safe, secure transactions Real-time reporting Embeddable giving forms

21 Incarnate Word Foundation McBride Thompson Coburn Mark Schnuck Smith Moore More to come……… Together, we can reach every person in our community. THANK YOU SPONSORS

22 What would you like to know? Q&A For more information, please contact: Mary McMurtrey, Director of Community Engagement Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation 314 588-8200

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