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Central Virginia Area Combined Federal Campaign ACM and Key Worker Training 2014.

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1 Central Virginia Area Combined Federal Campaign ACM and Key Worker Training 2014


3 What is the CFC? CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign Almost 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and overseas raise millions of dollars each year Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations throughout the world

4 CFC History Fundraising for charitable organizations in the Federal workplace began in the late 1940's Formal authority was established in 1961 By 1971, all campaigns were “combined” into one solicitation - payroll deductions allowed In 1982, organization addressed – Local Federal Coordinating Committees (LFCC) – Principal Combined Fund Organizations (PCFO)

5 The CFC Today The most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world with over 20,000 approved nonprofit charitable organizations New technologies introduced, bringing efficiency while preserving donor trust Our future is bright, but it depends on your efforts to reach everyone and make sure they have the opportunity to participate

6 Central Virginia Area Results 2013 Raised $862,440 60 Federal facilities – 74% 3,279 donors – 10% 2014 Goals Raise $1,000,000.00 Increase participation

7 NUTS AND BOLTS How to run a campaign

8 Start Here! Know the regulations – – Be prepared for questions Request support from your Agency head Recruit your Keyworker volunteers – Training Organize your communication channel

9 Campaign Tips Select a Theme Plan a Kick-off – Agency fair or speaker – Show the video Communicate! Make it fun Regular updates on progress

10 Use Social Media Facebook – Use pictures! – Follow charities and share their posts Twitter – Hashtag your campaign – use @ addresses to tag audiences – Retweet Instagram

11 The Details Put up our posters – Make your own flyers about events – Use your intranet/newsletters Make sure everyone gets a pledge card and Charity Guide The number one reason people do not contribute is that they are not asked

12 Online giving CFC Nexus – Visit the homepage of: http://www.cfcofcva.org – Click on the live link on the top of the homepage – First time online donors will need to register. Returning donors may simply log in and pledge. – Online tutorials are available online if additional instructions are needed – Payroll, Credit/Debit card, Cash, Check

13 Online Giving Employee Express (EEX) – Department of the Interior; Department of Transportation; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; General Services Administration; Office of Personnel Management; Railroad Retirement Board; Social Security Administration – Payroll deduction only

14 Pledge Cards #1—If they donate online, they should not fill out a pledge card – You will get reports for online activity Verify Information is complete and correct – Name/Unit or Organization/Employee ID#/signature – Amount per pay period equals total gift Separate copies – White-payroll / yellow-CFC / pink-employee Staple cash or check directly to pledge card

15 Envelopes Green for Cash/Check/Special Event Black for Payroll Deduction Fill out all the information Count the pledge cards and add up the totals Call your Loaned Executive to schedule a pick- up

16 Do’s and Don’ts Pledge cards are confidential – Do not share an individual’s participation status or amount with anyone, including supervisors Have Keyworkers keep pledges in a secure place until they are turned in Department/Unit totals and overall participation Can be shared with supervisors – (A little competition among departments can’t hurt…)

17 Wrap-up Have a campaign closing event – Announce your totals Thank everyone – Then thank them again Make sure Recognition Gifts have been distributed Certificates of appreciation for Keyworkers – Your own private closing party for a job well done…

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