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LIVE Get Ready for April 26-27, 2013! Unity’s Unique Fund Raising Opportunity.

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1 LIVE Get Ready for April 26-27, 2013! Unity’s Unique Fund Raising Opportunity

2 Formerly known as Pledge-A-Palooza… Unity Foundation of LaPorte County Orientation for

3 What is it? This is simply a fun way to build your endowment fund(s) in Unity The Unity Foundation Board of Directors is providing $20,000 for this event Raise money for today AND tomorrow

4 How’s It Work? Raise money for your organization’s fund at Unity Starting at 6a.m. April 26, 2013 through 9p.m. (CST) April 27th, (the Unity Gala)… the top 5 funds that get the most gifts will split $15,000! $5,000 in other special prize grants too!

5 WhY Do We need This? Increase philanthropic giving in LP County – Quality of Life report shows less generosity here The transfer of wealth between generations- going on right now! – $1.5 Billion transfers here in the next 10 years – Save 5%, endow it and it yields up to $4 million/year! Strengthen La Porte County by strengthening our non-profits Raise money for today AND tomorrow

6 Will All Gifts go to principal? No! During Give Day 50% of funds raised goes to principal 50% goes to spendable 100% toward your favorite fund Any prize grants will be available for charitable use!

7 What gifts count? On-line gifts: including monthly pledges Planned gifts left to the fund in Unity are encouraged and rewarded this time! – wills and trusts – gift annuities – life insurance Includes planned gifts created and verified by no later than April 20 th, 2013. If you’ve ever thought about it…now’s the time!

8 Who can join in the fun? Any one of the active funds in the Unity Foundation can ‘opt in’ to be eligible for the grant prize contest Tell us you’re in by signing up April 1 st, 2013

9 What Happens April 2013? We’ll open the On-Line Give Day Leader Board for 39 hours You’ll Get your supporters to make a gift or pledge At 9 p.m. CST April 27th - we’ll celebrate the winners! It all happens live and on-line, so anyone can join in!

10 Who Won Last Time? 73 Funds Participated $125,000 Raised…in 1 night! Junior Achievement The Y The Salvation Army MC Boys & Girls Club Dunebrook Women’s Care Center Everyone in La Porte County won!

11 How Does the Platform Work? You’ll populate your fund’s profile yourself and submit it to Unity. On Friday April 26 th at 6a.m. CST, the Leaderboard will go live Everyone can follow the progress real time Next slide shows examples of how it will look and work…and how easy it is to donate!





16 Things to Remember 1.Personalize your ask; Help donors relate to your work. Send e-mails to individuals, or call them on the phone. Tell stories about how your organization makes a difference. Use concrete examples to describe your work and how their donation will bring about future good. 2.Get an early start. Approach key donors about matching grants. Add a page to your website; highlight in your newsletter. Provide reminders and events.

17 Encourage: Be Creative! 3.Take advantage of your organization’s strengths. Tap into your networks – students, subscribers, volunteers, etc. Show off a great space with a live event – Host a party or happy hour – Invite people into your office 4.Be creative! Use pictures and videos Brainstorm ideas with creative people in your network Start a friendly competition

18 Unity Will Provide…. Prize money totaling $20,000!!! Guidelines & Guidance Marketing muscle Charitable giving ideas and information Use of Warren Ransom & other giving expertise Philanthropic vehicles A reason to give now vs. procrastinate Web Based Infrastructure – On-line Giving – Automatic receipts – Anonymity Materials – Print – Digital – Planned Giving Info on those who supported you, except anonymous

19 Your Organization will…. Put the Give Day widget on your website Learn about the different giving tools be able to describe the why’s, how’s and when’s Identify key prospects Be ready on April 26 th to ask people to support your agency’s fund in Unity Make the case or even a short YouTube video about why they should support you Email encouragement to your supporters before, during and after the event Tell people how you’ll use their gifts Give supporters a reason to make planned and on-line gifts Celebrate with us on April 27 th, 2013 Benefit in many ways…you’ll have more funds for today and tomorrow and have fun at the same time!

20 You’ll Need…. Inspiring goals – Fund growth – Today’s needs Champions: Internal and external A brief plan to optimize this opportunity Everyone in your inner circles to be able to talk about it Ways to get the information out to your specific supporters on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27 th of April – Email addresses – Mailing list – Volunteers

21 How Do I get the word out? Materials can be found on the Unity website, and includes a full orientation video. Unity can provide more information and training on a 1 st come, 1 st served basis. If enough demand, will do large group sessions on fund raising and EZ to understand planned giving. Fill your table(s) for Unity’s 20 th Anniversary Gala at Blue Chip – Saturday April 27 th, 2013

22 Plan, Educate Build your teams Now-April Planned Giving Promote April 26-27 Now-Apr 20 E-blasts, phone, mail Ask people to support you April 26-27 Thank all who helped Enjoy the funds! May-June Your Timeline

23 Finalize Web infrastructure Educate &Support teams Now-April Planned Giving education Plan and promote April 26-27 Now-Apr 20 Heavy publicity & excitement Celebrate the winners! April 26-27 Thank all who helped Get funds where needed! May-June Unity’s Timeline

24 Frequently Asked Questions There is a complete list of FAQ’s at If you don’t find the answer to your unique question, please contact us at 219-879-0327 or send an email to The Nickel Campaign (planned giving) details can also be found at

25 LIVE Join the fun!

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