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2015 Orientation2015 BIG Day of Giving. What, When & How? 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation.

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1 2015 Orientation2015 BIG Day of Giving

2 What, When & How? 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

3 What, When & How?  A one day, 24-hour ONLINE giving challenge  A celebration of the nonprofit community and of those who give!  A day for the region to come together and be a part of something BIG! WHAT? WHEN?  Kicks off at the stroke of midnight (12:00 am) on May 5 th and ends at 11:59 PM on May 5 th. HOW?  Donors give by going to and making a donation via credit

4 2014 At a Glance 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

5 $3 million raised 19,000+ gifts from over 12, 000 donors 394 nonprofits $6,310 – average raised per nonprofit $142 – average gift size 80+ outreach and business partners The Numbers

6 Regional Pride – sense of community Increased giving – 31% New Donors Awareness of nonprofit impact Nonprofit transformations The Results

7 Goals & Incentives 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

8 Goals  $100 million across the country  Kimbia, Inc.  In 2014, the BIG Day of Giving ranked #2 in the nation!

9 Goals  $ 5 million in unrestricted dollars!  Including $ 5 00,000 in bonus funds  2 5,000 donors  5 00 Nonprofits  #1 in the country

10 Incentives BIG Day of Giving incentive pool will be divided into two buckets. 1.Prize Challenges 2.Pro-rated Incentive dollars INCENTIVE POOL

11 Incentives  Examples of prize challenges  Blast Off Challenge – First gift of the day  Social media challenges  Vine videos, Unselfies, Memes  Million Dollar Baby – gift that gets us to $1 million  Opportunity to win every hour!  Challenges by org size! (sm, med & lg) 1. PRIZE CHALLENGES

12 Incentives  Take the total amount of incentive $ and divide by total raised.  Example: If we raise $5 million and incentive pool is $450,000, each donated dollar will receive a boost of.09 cents.  So, if your organization raises $5,000, your total incentive dollars received would be $450 (5,000 x.09) 2. PRO-RATED INCENTIVE DOLLARS

13 Why Participating is Important 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation


15 Marketing 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

16 Marketing  Each organization must market themselves  Your opportunity to  BOAST  ADVOCATE  INSPIRE  Each organizati on must market themselve s  Y o u r o p p o rt u n it y t o  B O A S T  A D V O C A T E  I N S P I R E

17 Training 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

18 Training 2015 Training Priorities What we will provide  Bootcamps focused on these three elements  8 week workplan with milestones and checklists  Alert you of other training opportunities in the region  Board Engagement  Donor Engagement  Social Media

19 Requirements 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

20 Requirements Step 1: Attend orientation Step 2: Complete and submit commitment form Step 3: New NPOs only: Attend GivingEdge training Step 4: Complete GivingEdge profile - Returning NPOs must update existing profile by deadlines

21 Technology 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

22 Technology wwww wwww wwww.... bbbb iiii gggg dddd aaaa yyyy oooo ffff gggg iiii vvvv iiii nnnn gggg.... oooo rrrr gggg

23 Donation Process  All donations must be made at to count towards totals and be eligible for bonus funds  is provided by the vendor Kimbia, which creates the website and secure giving portal - backed by a PCI Level 1 secure service provider  Gifts are 100% tax deductible  Minimum donation is $25, Maximum is $10,000  Transaction fee is 6.2%. This is comprised of a 3.3% credit card transaction fee and 2.9% payment vendor (Kimbia) fee. Fees are not taken from incentive dollars.  Gift receipts are sent automatically via email. You do not need to receipt for tax purposes, but you DO need to thank your donors!  You will have real time access to your donors - A link will be sent to your organization’s team captain one week prior to BIG DoG.  Goal is to provide all donations, net fees, plus incentive dollars to organization no later than June 30 th.

24 Expectations 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

25 Expectations - Organizers  Weekly eNews –The Bark!  Will have all important announcements and news  Giving Portal –  Also provide personalized links to your donation pages.  Assistance to team captains  –  BIG Day of Giving Guide  FAQs on and  Nonprofit Marketing Toolkit  Access through  BIG Day Marketing/Media  We will get the word out about the day, YOU get the word out about YOU!  Coordinate and execute official BDOG events in 3 counties (Sacramento, Yolo and Placer)  Provide incentive funds (Goal is $500k)  Provide access to donor data (a link will be sent to team captains in April)  Review and publish GivingEdge profiles  Provide bootcamp trainings and 8-week workplans What can you expect from us?

26 Expectations - Nonprofits  Complete all necessary steps for participation 1)Attend orientation (check!) 2)Submit completed commitment form (w/reg fee) 3)Attend GivingEdge training (required for new NPOs only) 4)Submit completed profile by deadline – or update profile by deadline (for existing profiles) Take advantage of bootcamps and trainings Create a BIG DoG campaign Dedicate staff or volunteer time to help run your campaign Work and play in the world of social media  Create your organization’s Facebook page Read your BIG Day of Giving guide (link will be provided) Sign up for and read The Bark! eNews (link will be provided) Get your board involved! Have fun! What Do We Expect From You?

27 Timeline 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

28 Timeline  October – November 2014  Orientations  GivingEdge trainings  GivingTuesday  December 2014 – January 2015  Deadlines for GivingEdge profile  Nonprofit marketing toolkit becomes available  February – March 2015  Bootcamps  Soft marketing begins  Pre-DoG Challenges

29 Timeline  April 2015  Mass BDOG Marketing/Media begins  website training  Receive your personalized URL (  Receive your donor data link  Begin 2-week marketing blitz  May 2015  May 5 th !  Post event processing begins  June 2015  Checks received within 45 days  July 2015  Report to the Community event

30 Next Steps 2015 BIG Day of Giving Orientation

31 $8,000,000

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