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Holocaust - Diary of Anne Frank Web Quest

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1 Holocaust - Diary of Anne Frank Web Quest
Through the use of the resources in this web quest, you have the opportunity to travel back in time to learn about one of the world’s worst atrocities. Use this web quest to gain knowledge about the Holocaust and Anne Frank. (Revised from the following site:

2 Task #1 Anne Frank and the Secret Annex
To avoid the fate of many European Jews, Mr. Frank took his family to the attic of a warehouse and office building that had been part of his business in Amsterdam. Click on the link below to read more about their hiding place. Then answer the questions below on your answer sheet. Internet Links...Anne Frank and the Secret Annex 1. Describe how the people housed in the annex kept their presence a secret Who were the people most responsible for helping those who were hiding? 3. Who shared the annex with Anne and the Frank family?

3 Task #2 In the Beginning : The Rise of the Nazi Party
World War I was pivotal in setting Germany up to follow the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. You will now go back to Germany and see for yourself the impact Hitler had on the German people. Using the links listed below, write the answers to the following questions on your answer sheet: 1. How did the end of WWI leave Germany open to follow a man like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party? 2. When did Hitler become the official leader of the Nazi Party? 3. What was Mein Kampf? 4. What reason did Hitler give for attempting to annihilate the Jewish people? Internet Links...In the Beginning : The Rise of the Nazi Party Holocaust Timeline---Rise of Nazism Why Did Hitler Choose to Persecute the Jews?

4 Task #3 The Nuremberg Laws
On September 15, 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were passed. These Laws severely limited what Jews could do in Germany. Using the internet links provided, list five restrictions these laws placed on German Jews on your answer sheet. Internet Links...The Nuremberg Laws The Nuremberg Laws Jewish Virtual University : The Nuremberg Laws The Nuremberg Race Laws

5 Task #4 The 1936 Olympics Germany had been awarded the 1936 Olympic games back in 1932, a year before Hitler came to power. Berlin was to be host to the summer competitions while the winter competitions would be held in Bavaria. The IOC almost moved the games because the Nazis' racist and anti-Semitic nationalism was contradictory to the whole spirit of the Olympics. Your assignment is to attend these games and bring back answers to the questions listed below. Be very careful. Security is extremely tight!! 1. What was Hitler's goal in hosting the 1936 games? 2. How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win? 3. Who was the only Jewish athlete to compete for Germany in the 1936 Winter Games? 4. Who was the only Jewish athlete to compete for Germany in the 1936 Summer Games? Internet Links...The 1936 Olympics 1936 Olympics--FactMonster The 1936 Games The Nazi Olympics

6 Task #5 The Final Solution
The Final Solution was the way the Nazis decided to deal with the Jewish problem. This 'Final Solution' would result in the death of over 5 million European Jews. Go behind the front lines and discover how this could be accomplished in a 'civilized world' What was the Madagascar Plan? 2. Why didn't the process of emigration (leaving Germany) work for the Jews? 3. Describe how the Jews were transported to the death camps Who was in charge of transporting the Jews to the death camps? Internet Links...The Final Solution The Final Solution The Final Solution--USHMM Auschwitz and the Final Solution

7 Task #6 The Concentration Camps
One of the most challenging assignments you will have in this time travel is to break into the concentration camps and report on them. You will find this assignment extremely unsettling, but the world must know what is happening there. Be careful that you do not end up as one of the victims! 1. Chelmno was one of the first death camps. Describe how the gas vans work Describe the living conditions at any of the concentration camps Forced labor is part of the concentration camps. How many hours are prisoners forced to work each day? 4. Describe the food given each day to a prisoner at Auschwitz How many people will eventually lose their lives at Auschwitz? 6. Using a map, name the six extermination camps that are located in Poland.Birkenau Internet Links...The Concentration Camps Chelmno Extermination Camps in Poland The Camps Auschwitz--USHMM Auschwitz Alphabet Living Conditions and Forced Labor

8 Task #7 Medical Experiments
Jews became targets for gruesome medical experiments by SS doctors. Jews were maimed, disfigured, tortured and put through incredible pain in these experiments, and the majority of them died ghastly deaths. Step back in time and gather information about these atrocities There are three broad classes of medical experiments done at Dachau. What were they? 2. Why were the freezing/hypothermia experiments carried out on prisoners? 3. Why did Josef Mengele do so many experiments on twins? 4. List three other medical experiments that were carried out on the Jewish prisoners. Use the links on the next slide to answer these questions.

9 Medical Experiments Continued (Internet Links)
Internet Links...Medical Experiments Josef Mengele Mengele, Angel of Death Jewish Virtual Library--Medical Experiments Medical Experimentation--Twins Medical Experiments--Types Freezing Experiments Lists of Medical Experiments

10 Task #8 Children and the Holocaust
It is estimated that 1 1/2 million of the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust were children. The number of children who survived is estimated to be in the mere thousands. Here you will investigate the plight of Jewish children during this time period Why did the Nazis consider children unproductive? 2. What was the fate of most Jewish children? 3. What was Kindertransport? 4. Using the link, Biographies of Children, choose a child and tell what happened to her/him. Use the links on the next slide to answer the above questions.

11 Task #8--------Children and the Holocaust (Internet Links)
Internet Links...Children and the Holocaust Children and the Holocaust--USHMM Children--Biographies Children

12 Task #9--------The Rescuers
At least two million Jews survived the Nazi terrorism in Europe because of aid given by courageous men and women who deplored what Hitler was doing. They put their own lives at great risk to save Jewish lives. Your task here is to find these people and tell the world about them. Look up the three people listed and briefly explain how these ordinary citizens helped save lives. Locate answers to questions 3 and Alexander Roslan 2. Cathie Poirier-Prous 3. Varian Fry 4. When Paul Gauinger allowed Jews to cross the border to safety in Switzerland, what happened to him? How was he able to accomplish this? 5.  What does the term 'Righteous Gentile' mean? Internet Links...The Rescuers Album of Rescuers Holocaust Rescuers Varian Fry

13 Task #10--------Holocaust Statistics
You have almost finished your assignment on the Holocaust. You are now going to look at numbers and statistics. You will be shocked at the numbers that show the enormity of human loss during this short time period How many Jews were murdered during World War II? 2. How many non-Jewish civilians were murdered during World War II? 3. What other groups of people were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis? 4. What country lost the largest percentage of their Jewish population? 5.  What countries lost over 50% of their Jewish population?

14 Task #10--------Holocaust Statistics Continued (Internet Links)
Internet Links...Holocaust Statistics Holocaust--36 Questions

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