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Brain Jeopardy Needed: 3 or 4 players 1 Scorekeeper 1 watcher.

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1 Brain Jeopardy Needed: 3 or 4 players 1 Scorekeeper 1 watcher

2 Brain Jeopardy Brain mattersI lobe the cerebrum All you need is half a brain… 50 40 30 20 10

3 The entire population of neuron cell bodies on the surface of the brain are referred to as the cerebral _______.

4 Answer: cortex

5 The largest set of commissural fibers is the _____________.

6 Answer: corpus callosum

7 _________ is gray matter of the cerebrum that issues subconscious motor commands.

8 Answer: the basal nuclei

9 White matter is colored whitish due to the presence of __________.

10 Answer: myelin, or myelinated fibers

11 This set of gray matter is involved with memory storage and retrieval.

12 Answer: limbic system

13 The frontal and parietal lobes are separated by the ____________.

14 Answer: central sulcus

15 The primary motor cortex is located here: _________.

16 Answer: prefrontal gyrus of frontal lobe

17 The primary auditory cortex is located in the _________ lobe.

18 Answer: temporal

19 The interpretation of a sensation occurs in related _____________ areas.

20 Answer: association

21 Intellectual functions like problem solving, prediction of consequences are performed in the _____________.

22 Answer: prefrontal cortex

23 Which cerebral lobe is not visible from a midsagittal view?

24 Answer: insula

25 True or False: A midsagittal section passes vertically through the third ventricle.

26 Answer: true

27 True or false: With a midsagittal section, association fibers are cut.

28 Answer: False, association fibers do not cross the midline. Commissural fibers cross the midline.

29 True or False: There are some cortical integration centers that are found in only one cerebral hemisphere.

30 Answer: True, examples are speech center, general interpretative center

31 CSF is produced by the ________.

32 Answer: choroid plexuses of the ventricles

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