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Robots What is a robot? How is a robot work? Can you list some kinds of robots you know about? What can these robots do? A robot is a machine _______to.

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2 Robots

3 What is a robot? How is a robot work? Can you list some kinds of robots you know about? What can these robots do? A robot is a machine _______to do jobs that are usually _________ by humans,which are _______ and __________ by a computer.

4 Let ’ s look at some pictures and see what robots can look like.



7 Robots can be made into all kinds of things.

8 What can robots do ? Robots Play with human Look for human Talk with human Housework And so on…

9 Do you think it is possible for a robot to: think for itself? have feelings? have its own needs and desires? look and feel like a human being?

10 Satisfaction Guaranteed Background information: A retelling of an Isaac Asimov’s story called Satisfaction Guaranteed. About a human-like robot, Asimov’s first law for robots: A robot must not injure human beings or allow them to be injured. The robot, cause the main character to have some very confusing feelings.

11 Read the text carefully while listening to the tape and try to answer the question: 1. Why did Larry bring a robot back home? A To help his wife. B To test out the robot. C To accompany his wife. D For entertainment. --- 本题旨在帮助大家练习主旨大意归纳能力。 主旨归纳 忌讳面面俱到追求理解的彻底完美。可采用扫读,跳 读( scan, skim )。 Reading For the main idea.

12 Read the text carefully and try to finish the following questions: 2. What kind of robot was Tony? A an industrial robot B an entertainment C a robot that can carries out jobs in the house D a robot that can carries out jobs in the shop 3 Who did Claire turn to for help when a sales man was rude to her in the shop. A Tony B. her husband C. The manager of the shop D. Gladys 4. Why did Gladys envy Claire? Because _______________. A she has a handsome lover B she was beautiful C she was rich D she is powerful Reading For details

13 Read the text again and finish the following question: 5. Why should Tony be rebuilt? Because _______. A he harms people B it can not help the housewife in the family C it is too frightening D we can not have women falling in love with machines Reading Make inference

14 1.Larry was going to be away from home so he hired a robot to accompany his wife Clair. 2.Clair didn’t like the idea at the beginning, but she agreed to it at last. 3.When Tony, the robot, offered to help dressing, Clair was pleased to accept it. But she thought it was surprising for a robot to be so human. 4.Tony could understand Clair when she said she was not clever. 5.Clair’s husband wanted to improve his social position, but she was sorry she could do nothing to help him. 6.Tony was eager to help Claire. He scanned quite a lot of books in the library, but he could find no ways out. 7.Tony asked Claire to go to the town to buy things he needed to improve the house. 8.It was Claire that first decided to invite Gladys and her friends to her house. F T F T F T F T

15 9.While Tony worked on the improvements of the house, Claire also did her part. 10.Claire was happy to find that Gladys envied her. 11.Claire’s guests were filled with admiration when they saw her house was completely changed. 12.The company was satisfied with Tony’s report because he had successfully made a woman fall in love with him. F F T F

16 1. Why did Tony open the curtains? Careful reading He wanted Claire’s guests to see him and Claire together so that she would be envied by women guests.

17 2. What did Tony do to prevent Claire from being harmed? Careful reading He had prevented Claire from harming herself by making her feel good about herself. He helped her make her and her home elegant so that she would not feel like a failure.

18 3. Why should Tony be rebuilt? Careful reading Because the company (designers) cannot have women falling in love with machines.

19 Careful reading 4. How would you feel if you had a robot like Tony in your house?

20 5. Claire spent three weeks with Tony in her house. What sentences in the story show that she kept forgetting and then remembering that he was a machine? Careful reading

21 Long and important sentences 1.It was disturbing and frightening that he looked so human. 2.Tony wanted to please Claire by helping her make herself and her home elegant. 3.How absurb, she thoutht. 4.Tony gave Claire a new haircut and changed the makeup she wore. 5.Claire thanked Tony, telling him that he was a “ dear ”. 6.As she turn around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 7.Gladys was everything Claire wanted to be. 8.The gusts would be arriving soon and Claire told Tony to go into another room. 9.It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains on the front window. 10.… you can ’ t have women falling in love with machines.

22 Larry Belmont Claire Tony Gladys Claffern Characters in the story: ---- Larry’s wife, a housewife ---- the robot ---- employed in a company that makes robots ---- a woman that Claire envies

23 Language points

24 It was disturbing and frightening (that) he looked so human. (L2, P3) That he looked so human was disturbing and frightening. Was it disturbing and frightening that… It + be + adj. + that-clause It + be + n.+ that-clause It + be + -ed participle + that-clause It + seems/happens etc. + that-clause

25 1.It is absurd that he believes the number 13 has brought him the bad luck. 2. It is a great satisfaction that she is well again and can go to her office. 3. It is said that Isaac will accompany his parents to visit Europe. 4. It happens that the prettiest birds are the worst singers.

26 So Claire borrowed a pile of books from the library for him to read or, rather scan. (L1, P5) a pile of/piles of: a lot of pile: a number of things lying on top of one another; an amount of sth that is in a large mess or rather: away of correcting sth you have said, or making it more exact 更确切地说;或者说

27 He always left books in a large pile. 他总是留下一大堆书 。 He lives in London, or rather he lives in suburb of London. 他住在伦敦,更确切地说是在伦敦郊区。 The book I want __________________________. 我要的书在这一堆东西下面。 I’ve got _____________________________this evening. 今晚我有一大堆工作要做。 You have to be sixteen for cheap tickets -- _______________________. 你得是 16 岁才能有 便宜的票,更准确地说是 16 岁以下。 is at the bottom of the pile a pile of/ piles of work to do or rather under sixteen

28 As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern. 1. 谓语是 go, come, run, 等表示位置转移的动词 和 be 动词, 2. 句中有表示方位的副词 there, here, up, down, in,out, away 等, 为强调该副词,可将副词置于句首, 构成倒装。 注意:若主语是名词,用倒装, 若是代词,则不倒装。 There came the bus! Here he is !

29 It was then that Claire realized that Tony had opened the curtains… It is / was + 强调部分 that / who + 其它 1.It is not where you come from or what you are, but the ability to do the job______ matters. A. one B. that C. what D. it 2. It was after the invention of printing _____to publish large numbers of books and pictures. A. were people able B. that people were able C. when were people able D. people were able B B

30 She had us all laughing at her jokes. She won’t have her children sitting down to dinner with dirty hands. … you cannot have women falling in love with machines. …… 总不能让女人和机器 相爱吧。 have + sb./sth. + doing have + sb./sth. + do not have + sb./sth. + doing : not permit or allow

31 Whom would you rather ___with your sister? A. have gone B. have to go C. have go D. have going Who did the teacher have ____ an article for the paper just now ? A. written B. writing C. write D. to write As you ‘ve never been there before, I ‘ll have someone ___you the way. A. to show B. show C. showing D. showed C C C

32 1.Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot. 2.She looked at his fingers with wonder as they turned each page and suddenly reached for his hand.reached for 3.By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought that she was having an affair. 4.Tony worked steadily on the improvements. 5.… he felt more than just the desire to please her.more than 6.The company was very pleased with Tony’s report. 7.… there was no risk to Claire’s marriage.

33 【 n. 】 reach within one ’ s reach out of one ’ s reach = beyond one ’ s reach reach for / reach out one’s hand for e.g. He reached out his hand for an apple.

34 1.more than + 数词 ----“ 多于, 大于, 超过 ” 2.more than + n ----“ 不仅仅是,不止 ” 3.more than + adj / adv / v ----“ 很 / 非常 ” 4.more + adj / adv / n / v + than ----“ 与其说 …, 不如说 …”

35 1.I have known him for more than twenty years. 我认识他已超过二十年了。 2. Kate was more than a teacher. 凯特不仅仅是位教师。 3. I am more than happy to see you. 看到你,我非常高兴。 4. He is more scared than ill. 他与其说是病了, 倒不如说他是受了惊吓。

36 【 C 】令人满意的事物 【 U 】满意 / 满足 She smiled with great satisfaction. The happy news was a satisfaction to us. satisfaction satisfy 【 v. 】 It ’ s not easy to satisfy him. satisfied / satisfying 【 adj. 】 I am satisfied with the result of the exam. The result of the exam is satisfying.

37 sympathy When his father died, he had our sympathy. have /feel sympathy for… express sympathy for … seek sympathy from a friend win sympathy of… a letter of sympathy

38 I ‘ ve told you to leave my things alone. Let me be, I want a rest. leave / let …alone / be leave + 宾语 + 补足语 使 … 处于 … 状态 Leave the door open.

39 desire to do sth. desire sth. desire sb. to do sth. desire that sb. (should) do desire 2). vt. 想要,希望得到 1). n. 渴望;欲望;渴求 He has a strong desire for knowledge / to learn .他有强烈的求知欲。 They had a desire that I attend their wedding .他们希望我参加他们的婚礼。

40 We all _____________________________ . 我们都渴望幸福和健康。 She desires ______________at once . = She desires that _________________at once . 她想让你马上过来. desire happiness and health you to come you should come

41 accompany 【 v. 】 ( 1 ) to go / stay with ( 2 ) to exist at the same time 和 … 一起发生 I’d like you to accompany me to the supermarket. Lightning usually accompanies thunder.

42 envy 1). n. 羡慕,嫉妒;令人羡慕的对象 His new car excited their envy . 他的新车激起了他们的嫉妒。 She is the envy of the whole street. 她是整条街上人们羡慕的偶像。 2). vt. envy sb. envy sth. envy sb. Sth. I envy your success . =I envy you your success .

43 declare vt. + n. 复合宾语 that-clause The officer declared the result of election. Jones was declared the winner of the fight . Jones 被宣布为拳击赛的胜者。 I declared at the meeting that I did not support him.

44 absent adj. 1. 缺席的, 不在场的 (+from) Three members of the class were absent this morning. 今天早晨该班有三人缺席。 He is absent on business. 他因事缺席。 He is absent from Hong Kong. 他不在香港。

45 2. 缺少的, 不存在的 Snow is absent in his country. 他的国家不下雪。 3. 茫茫然的, 心不在焉的 He looked at me in an absent way. 他茫然地望着我。 He had an absent look on his face. 他脸上露出心不在焉的神色。

46 vt. 不在 ; 缺席 Why did you absent yourself from school yesterday? 昨天你为何不到校? absent 的反义词是 present 出席的, 在场 的 How many people were present at the meeting? 到会的有多少人 ?

47 persuade vt. 1). 说服, 劝服 (+into/out of)/ (+sb. to do sth.) She persuaded me into buying it. 她说服我买下了它。 The salesman persuaded us to buy his product. 那个推销员说服了我们买他的产品。

48 2). 使某人相信 (+of) / (+that) How can I persuade you of my sincerity? 我怎样才能使你相信我的 诚意呢 ? We worked hard to persuade them that we were genuinely interested in the project. 我们想 尽办法以使他们相信我们确实对这一 计划感兴趣。

49 embarrass 【 vt. 】 to cause to feel ashamed or uncomfortable 使困窘 / 使局促不安 Are you trying to embarrass me? 【 adj. 】 embarrassed / embarrassing. I felt embarrassed by my being late. I don ’ t like making speeches in public; it ’ s so embarrassing. 【 un. 】 embarrassment

50 impress : impress sb with sth impress sth on / upon sb make an impression on sb 这位姑娘既活泼又有幽默感, 给这位男孩留下了深刻 的印象. The girl impressed the boy with her liveliness and sense of humor. 他的话铭记在我心里. His words was impressed on me. 他给我留下了深刻的印象. He made a strong impression on me.

51 Post-reading 1.Do you think that robots can take the place of humans in the future? of humans in the future? 2. What will the robots be like in 2138? 3. Which kind of robot do you think is the most helpful to us in our daily lives?

52 Homework Homework Remember the characteristics of science fiction. Surf the internet to learn more about robots and science fiction. Surf the internet to learn about Isaac Asimov. Remember the characteristics of science fiction. Surf the internet to learn more about robots and science fiction. Surf the internet to learn about Isaac Asimov.

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