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Agenda D4 website: Administrative Details Safety Setting Your Team Up For Success District 4 Interleague Protocols District 4 Interleague.

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1 Agenda D4 website: Administrative Details Safety Setting Your Team Up For Success District 4 Interleague Protocols District 4 Interleague Rules District 4 Protest Procedures

2 District 4 Managers’ Meeting Schedules are now Finalized Responsibility for Reschedules are between Leagues Make Sure You Have At Least 1 Cell Phone # For Your Team, and, that it is on the Interleague Schedule

3 Safety Follow Your ASAP Plan (A Safety Awareness Program) Check Facilities Before Game – Walk the Field Check Game Equipment Throat Protector Legal Bats Legal Helmets Complete an Accident Report Immediately and submit to your League Safety Officer (even if a Minor Injury)

4 10 Things That Will Get You Or Your Team in Trouble 1.Manager/Coaches Verbal or Physical Assault/Abuse of an Umpire or Team Member 2.Using Your Cell Phone During the Game 3.Leaving the Dugout Without Permission of the Umpire 4.Coaches Addressing the Umpire (Managers Only) 5.Teams Baiting/Flagrant Cheering 6.Adult Warming Up the Pitcher Before/During a Game 7.Spectators Entering the Dugout/Playing Area 8.Using Un-Rostered Little League Players 9.Not Cleaning Your Dugout Following the Game 10.Not Displaying Leadership By Example (ROOTS of Honoring the Game)

5 Roots of Honoring the Game Establish and Enforce Respect for the following: Rules: Respect for the Rules means honoring the “intent of the rules” not just the letter of the rules. Opponents: Respect for a worthy opponent. You Honor the Game when you recognize that a worthy opponent is a gift that forces you to play to your highest ability. Officials: Respect for the officials – even when you disagree. Professional sports are there for your Entertainment, Youth sports are there for the Education of the players. Teammates: Respect your teammates and never do anything that would embarrass your team. You are a representative of your team both on and off the field. “A team only exists when every member understands how his actions affect every other member.” Self: Self-respect is the bottom line for a high-functioning mature individual. “A person with a strong internal moral compass works hard to avoid doing anything to dishonor the game because it shows disrespect for himself.”


7 Pre-Game Protocol Home Team Manager Coordinates With Opposing Manager: Local Games: 24 hours prior to game time Interleague Games: 48 hours prior to game time What to Discuss: Date, Start time, Field #, Directions (if necessary) If your Team Will be Short Players Pool Play (Option) Other Options to Play the Game

8 Pre-Game Protocol Know Who the Home Park Board Member is for Your Game (Interleague) Exchange Line-Up Cards Review D4 Interleague Play Form/Pitching Affidavit Discuss Pitch Count Verification Who, Where they will be sitting – preferably behind home plate Who will sign the form, in ink, after the game Discuss Scorebook Verification Discuss Ground Rules (holes in fence, overhead wires, etc.)

9 Rain-Out/Postpone Contacts PositionTime FrameNotifies City Recreation StaffDay of EventPresident or Facility Coordinator Day of EventPlayer Agent Prior to Game Allow 1 hr + Drive Time Managers, UIC & Umpire Coordinator Home Team ManagerPrior to Game Allow 1 hr + Drive Time Opposing Team UmpireGame TimeManagers

10 Rescheduling Games Managers Agree on “Potential Dates” Potential Dates Submitted to Player Agent Master Scheduler Reserves Field & Notifies Umpires Umpires Confirm Availability Master Scheduler Notifies Player Agent Player Agent Notifies Managers

11 District 4 Interleague Rules Home Park: Provides umpires, scorekeeper/pitch counter, baseballs, board member Managers: Confirm games with opposing team at least 48 hours prior to the game; carry up-to-date affidavit to all games Time Limits – must be “regulation” game:  All Minor and Major Games: 1 hour 45 minutes  All Intermediate Games: 2 hours  All Junior/Senior Games: 2 hours 15 minutes

12 District 4 Interleague Rules Tie Games  Minor and Major League games may end in tie  Intermediate/Junior/Senior games will continue until tie is broken Team Standings: All games will count in league standings Non-weather postponements:  Must be made through league President or Player Agent, not the Manager.  48 hours notice or more; game will be rescheduled 1 time;  Less than 48 hours notice, postponing team responsible for umpire fees – if applicable

13 District 4 Interleague Rules Weather postponements  Home Park Player Agent responsible for reschedule date Weather Delay – Game in Progress  Umpires will determine when to suspend/resume play  Games will adhere to time limits and curfew Continuous Batting  All Levels of Play: Mandatory Mandatory Play: 6 outs and 1 at bat

14 District 4 Interleague Rules Substitution Rule  Not in effect with continuous batting Score  Minors: 5 runs per ½ inning – last inning NOT unlimited runs  Majors: 5 runs per ½ inning – last inning NOT unlimited runs  Intermediate: 7 runs per ½ inning – last inning NOT unlimited runs  Juniors/Seniors: per rule book Minimum Players to start, continue, end a game  9 players in all divisions – unless – a Minor team has less than 9 on its roster (not line-up card) Regulation III a

15 District 4 Interleague Rules Pitching Rules  All pitch counts are based on the player’s league age – not division being played  Pitch count maximums can be extended while facing a batter until that batter reaches 1 st base, that batter is put out, or the 3 rd out of the inning is made.  Pitcher may exceed the threshold for days rest while facing a batter, must observe the days rest for the highest threshold attained. Refer to your Rule Book for all other Rules

16 Protest Procedures If Game is Under Protest: Resolve It! Play It! Complete Interleague Protest Form Sort Out Details – Don’t Expect Miracles…..

17 Protest Form must be completely filled out and submitted via proper channels in accordance with Rule 4.19, or it will not be considered. Type of Protest: Rule or Regulation Cite Rule/Regulation Number Protesting Team Information Opposing Team Information Umpire in Chief Information Date/Time/Location of Game Explanation of Situation

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