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2 Equipment – Good plate shoes – Mask – Chest protector – Shin guards – Pull over Jacket or Plate coat – Indicator – Fitting Equipment Before first game or scrimmage tighten gear – Chest protector, snug up to throat – Practice taking mask off with indicator in your left hand

3 First Impressions Hat and Bat check with partner – No longer necessary – May be requested by the coach to check his equipment Pregame – Plate umpire stands behind home plate, base umpire stands facing him – Introduce yourself, first and last names » Some umpires will ask and write down the name of the catchers – Do home team line-up card then visitors line-up card » Verify starting line-ups, ask if all players are properly equipped, and the coach has signed the card – Have home team coach go over ground rules » If you are not sure about a specific ground rule, ask for clarification NEVER PUT MASK ON THE GROUND Base umpire runs to position Clean off plate with rear-end to pitcher mound

4 Warm-up Pitches – Greet catcher with a hand shake, introduce yourself, first name, and get catchers name. – Take four warm-up pitches from the right side; then four from the left side. Ask if the pitcher throws anything unusual Eighth pitch gets thrown down – Proper mechanic to put the ball in play Point Say “Play”

5 Proper mechanics behind the plate – Head Height Chin above catchers head Work the slot Be able to see the outside pitch Timing, timing, timing – Proper Voice On a ball, say “ball”, stay down on the pitch 2 – 3 seconds Swinging Strike, no verbal Called Strike, verbal and mechanic together – Develop your style Keep head on play at all times – Call Third Strike Strike three only, do not say “Out” – Between innings go to the 45’ line, opposite of last out

6 Plays – Ground ball in the infield, no one on Trail the runner Get to the 45’ foot line Straddle foul line Three responsibilities – Interference – Obstruction – Other throw If asked by the base umpire for help, wait until he asks. Should be in the form of a question – Answer question – No double calls, base umpire makes call. – Base hit, no one on Go down first base line, be ready for throw back Read extra base hit, be ready to go to third Plate umpire has play at third

7 Plays continued – Fly balls In pregame, talk about the “V”, area between right and left fielders No runners on, plate umpire has all fly balls, unless base umpire goes out – If base umpire goes out, plate umpire has batter runner to third. – Take runner to home, unless base umpire calls you off If you have the out, on a fly ball, say “that’s a catch” – Sell a diving catch – Communicate with your partner With runners on, base umpire has the “V” and plate umpire has fly balls that take the right or left fielder to the foul lines

8 Plays continued – Plays with runners on Runner, first only – Take runner to third on base hit » Communicate to your partner you are at third – Runners at first and second » Take runner on second into third on fly ball » Base hit, stay home » Second play in the infield, NFHS says plate umpire has play at third – Bases loaded » Stay at home » Line yourself up to see runner tag up at third on a fly ball catch in the outfield – Second only » Ground ball, take play at third if second play in the infield » Fly ball, take runner at third » Unless fly ball down right field line

9 Plays continue – Third only » Stay at home » Watch for tag-up at third on fly ball » Go to third if you read a triple – Second and third » Fly ball, watch tag-up at third » Ground ball, stay home for potential play at the plate » Base hit, move up the line, watch tag at home, be ready for play at third or home by runner from second – First and third » Fly ball, watch tag-up at third » Ground ball, stay home for potential play at the plate » Base hit, go to third for play – Plays at the plate Take all plays first base foul line extended unless – A throw is up the line, then adjust to third base line extended

10 Miscellaneous – Pop-up to catcher Keep mask on until catcher throws his Follow catcher, not ball – If you need to talk to a coach, use the line-up card as a prop – Remember, you have all touches at third – After the game, roll the balls towards home team dug out and leave with partner – Get to your car, remember you are still on school grounds, no smoking or alcohol Most important thing to remember as the plate umpire, when the ball is hit we now have TWO base umpires

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