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2 ASAP: Making an Impact for Little League A Safety Awareness Program of Little League Baseball ® and Softball

3 The ASAP Mission: To increase awareness of the opportunities to provide a safer environment for kids and all Little League participants Why ASAP?

4 ‘Safer For the Kids’ and All Participants

5 Where we’re from… Focus on Safety Began in ‘94 from focus groups District Administrators: Awareness, not mandated rules, was needed Raise awareness of safety issues for leagues to create own approaches Virginia volunteered to be Pilot Program for ASAP LLB’s injuries were level Founders believed program would have positive impact Founders wanted to create safer playing environment for all

6 79% Reduction in LL Injuries Comparing Injury Reduction to Safety Plan Growth in Little League Pre-ASAP Injuries ‘90-’94, 6,118 avg. 85% 79% Drop in Injuries 21% 1995-1999 3,018 avg. 2000-2004 1,455 avg. 2005-2008 1,306 avg.

7 ASAP Makes a Difference –Fewer injuries to kids/all participants –Reduces severity of injuries –Participation in ASAP has grown steadily over the years (85% in 2009) –Reduces insurance costs A.S.A.P. award based on size of league’s player accident insurance premium State premium reductions: –1 state in 2001 –7 states in 2002 (plus additional benefits) –50 states in 2003 ASAP’s Impact

8 Our Goal: Fewer Injuries

9 Rule Changes Enhancing Safety New in 2007 – The minimum requirement is a NATIONAL check of ALL Sex Offender Registries. Little League Volunteer Application Form use is required for background checks –Required to conduct checks for all managers, coaches, Board of Directors members, league officials, umpires, elected members, and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or has with repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams Making it ‘Safer for the Kids’

10 Little League Volunteer Application Social Security Number “Mandatory – Upon Request”

11 Little League Volunteer Application Social Security Number “Mandatory”

12 Sharing Ideas Makes Us All Safer: If you have any safety ideas, let us know All team coaches & safety officers must review the League Safety Plan (on CAA web site under LL safety) ASAP – Sharing Ideas

13 Why We Care: Dugout Area always a TROUBLE spot!! Reducing avoidable injuries like this player hit by a bat in the dugout Key Focus Areas

14 Other areas of focus: Only players, coaches and umpires may be on the fields- games & practices Catchers mask must be worn during pitchers warm up If a player throws equipment, they must be removed from the game: NO EXCUSES

15 With Everyone’s Help, ASAP Has Made a Difference: With your continued support, ASAP will help to reduce injuries to all participants in our Little League program. Chan LL is one of the safest in the USA Thank You for your time and commitment ! How You Can Help

16 Items to remember Report all injuries, even minor ones to League Safety Officer for tracking Use common sense Team Safety Officer can over rule coaches about field condition Game is cancelled at FIRST SIGN of lightning

17 Each team must have an active safety officer on file with league. Report the obvious. Take notes as needed when injury occurs Have a cell phone on site Requirements

18 Call 911 if you need to. Make sure to get name of all responding First Aid and Sheriffs Officers. Email or call Joe W that night if possible if injury is involved Have coach contact age coordinator Requirements

19 Volunteer Application & Background Checks –If the league learns of an individual such as a volunteer, player or hired worker that has been convicted of, or pled guilty to, a crime involving or against a minor, then the league must inform the applicable government agency for confirmation. Once confirmed, that individual may not participate with Little League in any manner. No Exceptions. Requirements

20 Mandatory field inspections before games, practices –Look for hazards –Fix before playing –Inspections common in other sports –Coach/umpire/team safety officer could be held responsible Requirements

21 Regular inspection and replacement of equipment –Beginning of season –Before each game. If TSO notices a problem, remove that piece of equipment from use. –All batters must use helmets –Inspect facilities, facilities’ equipment, and playing equipment Requirements

22 League Safety Officer contact info: (952) 826-9692 or Please do your part to report & track injuries Insurance forms, if needed on the CAA web site under LL/ Safety –League requires notification within 24-48 hours after incidents –Report ‘near-misses’, too Requirements

23 If you need additional team First Aid Kit supplies, contact your age coordinator or Joe W. We will get you items a.s.a.p. Requirements

24 Make sure to enforce rules Include wearing catchers gear and helmet rules during practice and warm-up Coaches are not catchers No “on-deck” batter below Majors division Any player base coaches must wear helmet Limit access to benches / dugout NO “swing/ batters” aids for warm-ups may be used. NO EXCEPTIONS Requirements

25 With Your Help, Chanhassen LL is making it ‘Safer for the Kids’ THANK YOU!

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