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Rule 3 Substituting Coaching Bench and Field Conduct Charged Conferences.

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2 Rule 3 Substituting Coaching Bench and Field Conduct Charged Conferences

3 Substitution What is the Re-Entry Rule? –Any starting player may be withdrawn and re- entered once –Must occupy the same batting position whenever the player is in the lineup –A substitute that is withdrawn may not re-enter What is an unreported substitute? –The sub has entered the game without announcement

4 Substitution When does an unreported substitution become legal? –When the ball is live and… A Runner takes the place of a runner he has replaced A Pitcher take his place on the pitcher’s plate A Fielder reaches the position usually occupied A Batter takes his place in the batter’s box Record all substitutions “Projected” substitutions are NOT allowed

5 Substitution What is an ILLEGAL SUBSTITUTE? –A player that enters a game without eligibility Penalty: An illegal substitute shall be restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the game. −What if a player enters the game after being restricted? −The player is ejected

6 Substitution Penalty for Illegal substitute on OFFENSE –Player is out and restricted to the bench Penalty for Illegal substitute on DEFENSE –Player is replaced and restricted to the bench –The team on offense has the option of letting any play stand or to allow the batter to bat again. Must be discovered prior to the first pitch to the next batter or either team. NOTE: In a game-ending situation, discovery of the illegal substitute must be made before all infielders cross the foul line

7 Substitution Substitution rules for the Pitcher –The player listed as the starting pitcher shall pitch until the first opposing batter has been retired or reaches base –What if he doesn’t? He may play another position, be substituted for and re- enter, but he may not pitch in that game –If the pitcher is replaced while his team is on defense, the substitute pitcher must then pitch to the batter then at bat (or substituted batter) until that batter is put out or reaches base A Pitcher may be removed as Pitcher and return as Pitcher only once per inning.

8 Lineup Cards 12 Kennick, Joe 1

9 Courtesy Runner Covered under “speed up rules” Coaches MAY use Courtesy Runners (never required) for the Pitcher and/or the Catcher Record all CR participation CR runs for a “position” NOT a person –The same player can not be a CR for both positions (Pitcher and Catcher) during a game

10 Courtesy Runner The CR must be an eligible substitute –Can not be in, or have been in the game A player who violates the CR rules is an illegal substitute –Test: What is the Penalty? A CR may be replaced by another eligible CR at any time during the half inning The CR cannot be used for “projected” substitutions

11 Courtesy Runner A CR may replace the catcher or pitcher at any time during the half inning A CR may not enter the game as a substitute during any inning in which he has been a CR A CR is NOT a substitution

12 Designated Hitter Must be designated before the game starts May be designated for ANY one starting player on the lineup (not just the pitcher) DH and the original player are “starting players” for purposes of the re-entry rule A starting “defensive” player cannot also be listed as the DH in the starting lineup

13 Designated Hitter Substitutions for DH are allowed and the DH may re- enter (if eligible) The DH and the player from whom he is batting is locked into the batting order –No multiple substitutions may change the batting order When is the role of the DH terminated? –The defensive player bats, pinch-hits, or pinch-runs for the DH (or any substitute DH). This applies to all players (starters and subs) that a DH has batted for –The DH assumes a defensive position

14 Player DEFENSE Fielder/Pitcher DH OFFENSE Batter/Runner Designated Hitter

15 Coach Conduct Umpire discipline of Coach –Ask for their help –Give a warning –Restrict them to the bench –Ejection What are grounds for ejection of a coach? Coach must leave the vicinity of the playing area immediately Your partner should walk the coach out Coach is prohibited from further contact with team Coach may return upon request to attend to ill / injured players Umpires must call Chapter President prior to leaving the site Both Umpires must file written a report within 24 hours to Chapter President and Secretary Umpire must file an on-line UIL or TAPPS Incident Report Coach must appear before UIL to explain why he was ejected A public reprimand will be posted in UIL Leaguer

16 Conferences Two types of conferences, each with its own set of restrictions –OFFENSIVE –DEFENSIVE Record all conferences

17 Conferences What is a conference? –A conference is a meeting between the coach, or his non- playing representative, with one or more players of his team How long is a conference? –A reasonable amount of time as determined by the umpire Conferences are “charged” unless: –Attending to an injured player –The pitcher is removed –During “Charged” conference by other team –NOTE: It is NOT a “charged” conference if a coach stops at the mound to talk to the pitcher after he leaves the coach’s box between innings

18 Conferences Defensive Conferences –During Regulation Game Three (3) “charged” conferences, without penalty Can the coach take all 3 in one inning? –During Extra innings ONE (1) charged defensive conference per extra inning without penalty What 3 have already been used in regulation? –They still get one free conference per extra inning Offensive Conferences –One (1) “charged” conference per inning

19 Conferences When does a conference end? –Offensive conference When the coach starts to return to the coach’s box or dugout –Defensive conference in FAIR territory When the coach crosses the foul line –Defensive conference in FOUL territory When the coach starts back to the dugout –Can a coach that is restricted to the bench participate in a conference? Yes, and it ends when the players start to return to their positions on the field

20 Injured Players First and Foremost…It is not your job! Concussions (2011 Rule Change) –Player exhibits signs or symptoms (unconscious, headache, dizzy, confused, balance problems) –PLAYER IMMEDIATELY ROMOVED FROM GAME –May not return until cleared by healthcare professional Player/Coach who is bleeding or has an open wound –Communicable Disease Procedure –Player must leave the game until…. Bleeding is stopped and Wound is covered Body is appropriately cleaned Uniform is appropriately cleaned and/or changed (2012 Rule Change – applies to any amount of blood)

21 Questions ?

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