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Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw (Recharge! Renew yourself) “It’s ME time!”

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1 Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw (Recharge! Renew yourself) “It’s ME time!”

2 “Time to repair the roof while the sun is still shining” Take time out for yourself BEFORE you burn out! Keep yourself sharp so that you can deal with life You can’t function well in life if you don’t take care of yourself first. “The most important person to keep alive is yourself!” (The Guardian)

3 Areas of Life: BALANCE BodyHeart Mind Soul

4 Realize… You cannot do well in the other areas of your life if you don’t take care of your body first, then your heart, then your mind, and then your soul. They build on one another: physical needs, emotional needs, intellectual + moral needs, spiritual needs.

5 Body exercise right, eat properly, get enough sleep exercise but don’t obsess (Danger: comparing = eating disorders) stay clean (no drugs, no alcohol = can lead to abuse) Listen to your body! (signals, messages)

6 Mind/Brain Education: self-discipline + self-learning Types of education: from parents, from school, self-education School = institution that gives you a diploma (does it always mean discipline + learning?) Grades aren’t everything; you can learn outside the school READING is the best way to educate your mind KEY TO EXERCISING THE MIND IS THE DESIRE TO WANT TO LEARN.

7 Heart Build and develop relationships There’s help out there for depression LAUGH! It’s the best remedy! PLAY! Be kids again!

8 Soul Values/principles + your source for inner peace and meaning Take time to renew yourself (P.B.A.) Meditate: find your mission Serve others (small acts of kindness) Go for a peaceful walk Being in touch with nature Listen to music that soothes/calms you Keep a journal Desiderata:

9 Spiritual diet must consist of… Be aware of what you watch and listen to on the radio, TV, in movies, on your MP3/Ipod players. If it’s sending the wrong messages, switch it off! Avoid addiction: don’t become a frog in a boiling pot of water

10 Addiction: Creates short-term pleasure Becomes the main focus of your life Temporarily eliminates pain Gives an artificial sense of self-esteem, power, control, security and intimacy Makes the problems and feelings that you try to escape worse

11 BOTTOM LINE: There is a time for everything; try to find a balance MAKE SURE YOU TAKE the time to renew yourself. FORCE YOURSELF if you need to. Make this a priority in your life!

12 Revision: Habit 1 Habit 2 Habit 3 Habit 4 Habit 5 Habit 6 Habit 7 Renew yourself!


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