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Stress Management By Jessica Kennedy.

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1 Stress Management By Jessica Kennedy

2 What is Stress? Many people think that stress is something that happens to us. Stress is however, an interaction between the demands of the environment and the coping skills/abilities of the individual. It doesn’t just happen to us and we can have influence over how we react to our environment.

3 Five components of stress
Stressors – demand that we are under Physical Stress Cognitive Stress Emotional Stress Behaviour Stress

4 What does Physical Stress Cause?
chronic pain increase or decrease in eating difficulties lack of energy Sexual dysfunction Trouble sleeping Body kick into high gear to deal with the threat Heartbeat, breathing rate and blood pressure all go up

5 What Does Cognitive Stress Cause?
feeling distracted Increasing lack of concentration Indecisive

6 What Does Emotional Stress Cause?
Emotionally numb Feeling a loss of control Feeling of fear Irritability and resentment Isolates oneself from regular relationships and routines Anger Anxiety Compulsive and or obsessive behaviours Depression, despair and a feeling of hopelessness

7 What does Behaviour Stress Cause?
Changes in eating Changes in sleeping /sleeping too much or not enough Temper tantrums/tendency to overreact Neglecting family or work responsibilities Intentionally isolating oneself from others Abuse of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs Development of ticks or twitches or other nervous habits such as nail biting, etc.

8 Feelings that often come from stress
  tired a lot of the time   moods change for no reason   can't concentrate   cry over stupid things   can't sleep   headaches

9 More feelings that often come from stress
fearful, but don't know what's frightening you   have nightmares a lot   palms get sweaty   accident prone   hungry all the time, no matter how much you eat   no motivation to do anything   loss of enthusiasm

10 How to manage Stress? Know your priorities Choose your Attitude
Make time to relax Breathe Get Healthy Plan breaks Find an interest Connect with friends Know your boundaries Laugh!

11 How to relax when Stressed?
Talk to some of your friends about your problem Find different activities to do Share feelings with other Parents Teachers Friends Get involved with other people or other activities Going to movies Watching TV reading Write letter to any friends that live in the country Physical activities Running Swimming Walking Cry Call a friend Listen to music Have a hot bath

12 What are the most common external causes of stress
Major life changes Work Relationship difficulties Financial problems Being too busy Children and family

13 What are the most common internal causes of stress
Inability to accept uncertainty Pessimism Negative self-talk Unrealistic expectations Perfectionism Lack of assertiveness

14 What can Kids do when they feel stressed?
Think about what it is that’s making you feel bad Talk over your problem with a friend or a trusted adult Get help to deal with the problem if you need it Plan your work if you are getting behind Set yourself some goals to work your way through the problem Make sure that you are getting enough exercise Organise your time so that you can fit everything in Don’t take on too much. You can always do that sport or activity next term or next year. You don’t have to do everything at once Don’t say “yes” when you’d rather say ‘no’, and then you won’t be worrying Learn to relax

15 Stress Chart

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