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Sharpen the Saw It’s Me Time

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1 Sharpen the Saw It’s Me Time
Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw It’s Me Time

2 Bell Ringer: Celebrate Differences
Think about someone who irritates you. What is different about them? What can you learn about them? Write a journal entry answering the questions above. When you’re done writing your entry, get the 7 Habits book and return to your seat.

3 Review Habit 1 Habit 2 Habit 3 Habit 4 Habit 5 Habit 6 Be Proactive
Begin With The End In Mind Habit 3 Put First Things First Habit 4 Think Win-Win Habit 5 Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood Habit 6 Synergize

4 Renew yourself regularly
Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw Definition: Renew yourself regularly Sometimes we are too busy to take time to do the things we need to do to keep fresh. We need to regularly renew and strengthen four key areas. The Body – The Physical Dimension The Brain – The Mental Dimension The Heart – The Emotional Dimension The Soul – The Spiritual Dimension

5 Balance Is Better Tires on a car
If one tire is out of balance, all four tires wear unevenly. It’s really hard to be in a good mood (emotional) when you’re so tired (physical). Also, when you are in tune with yourself (spiritual), it is easier to stay focused on your school work (mental).

6 The Physical Dimension
Taking care of your body is important There are 4 key ingredients to a healthy body: Good sleeping habits Physical relaxation Good nutrition Proper exercise

7 The Physical Dimension
It’s all about how you feel, not how you look.

8 I Can Quit Whenever I Want
There are also ways to destroy your body. Using addictive substances such as alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is a great way to destroy your body. When you become addicted, you are no longer in control—your addiction is!

9 The Mental Dimension Sharpen your mind
Receiving a good education can be the most important thing you ever do Education is an investment in your future. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” -Derek Bok, former president of Harvard University

10 Sharpen Your Mind There are hundreds of ways to sharpen your mind. Here are a few: Read the newspaper everyday Play challenging board games Travel Play sudoku or crosswords Plant a garden Observe wildlife Play chess Watch Discovery Channel Visit a museum Visit the library Attend a ballet, opera, or play Listen to the news Write a story, poem, or song Learn to play a musical instrument

11 Mental Barriers to Sharpening Your Mind
Screentime: Any time spent in front of a screen (i.e. computer, tv, video game, movie, etc.) Nerd Syndrome: Not wanting to be the “brains” at school for fear of others not liking you because you’re smart or intimidating Pressure: Afraid to bring home good grades because it will put pressure on you to do it again.

12 The Emotional Dimension
Put regular deposits into your personal and relationship bank accounts Sex & Relationships Just laugh… Sometime life just stinks and there’s not much we can do about it. One study showed that a Kindergartener laughs about 300 times a day. The typical adult laughs only 17 times a day. Laughing loosens up the mental gears, reduces stress levels, relaxes us, and lowers blood pressure.

13 The Spiritual Dimension
Finding what deeply inspires you, finding your inner self where your deepest convictions and values are How to feed your soul Meditating Serving others Praying Listening to music Drawing Going for a walk

14 A Teen’s Best Friend You can pour your heart out in your journal and it will sit there and listen. It won’t talk back! A good way to clear your head become more self-aware. You can read past entries to keep from making the same mistakes and to see how you have matured.

15 You Can Do It! You are probably already doing many things to renew yourself Working hard at school? That’s renewing your mind! In athletics or gym? That’s renewing your body! Developing friendships? That’s renewing your heart! Sharpening the saw won’t just happen. You have to be proactive and work at it! Take the time to sharpen the saw in your life!

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