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Paradigms & Principles

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1 Paradigms & Principles

2 What is a paradigm? 3 The way you see something, your point of view.
They are like glasses… If you walk through life wearing glasses that say “I can do it!” that belief will put a positive spin on everything else. Paradigms can shift 3

3 What do you base your paradigms on?
What is the driving force of my life? What do I spend my time thinking about? Friends? Stuff? School? Parents? Sports? Heroes? Enemies? Building your life around these things doesn’t provide the stability you need for LIFE. It’s good to enjoy these things, but you shouldn’t base your entire existence on them. 2

4 So what should we center our life on?
Principles! Honesty, respect, integrity, fairness, loyalty, responsibility, hard work If you live by these, you will excel. If you break them, you will fail…maybe not right away, but it will catch up to you. Putting principles first is the key to becoming a person of character. 1

5 Personal Bank Account

6 What is the personal bank account?
How you feel about yourself is like a bank account. Deposits: Keeping promises, being kind, using your talents Withdrawals Breaking promises, being dishonest, wearing yourself out 2

7 Other Bank Accounts You can make deposits and withdrawals to other peoples bank accounts too. Deposits: Kept promises, saying you’re sorry, giving a compliment Withdrawals: Breaking a promise, not listening, being rude, saying mean things 1

8 “You are the driver, not the passenger”
Habit #1: Be Proactive “You are the driver, not the passenger”

9 Being Proactive Taking responsibility for your life, you make things happen. “I am in the driver’s seat of my life, not just a passenger”. You choose your attitude and your reactions. Having a can-do attitude 3

10 Listen to your language
Proactive language I’ll do it I choose to There’s gotta be a way I won’t let your bad mood rub off on me Reactive language I can’t I have to That’s just how I am You ruined my day 2

11 Circle of control You can only control how you RESPOND to what happens to you. We can’t control what others do, the weather, rude comments, etc. “It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do about it.” Push the pause button 1

12 Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind
“Decide where you want to go and draw the map”

13 Beginning with the end in mind
If you don’t decide your future, someone else will. “Teenagehood” is only 7 years, but it can affect your remaining years…for good or for bad. Set goals for yourself! 3

14 Habit #3: Put First Things First
“Get there! Don’t let roadblocks knock you off course”. 2

15 First Things First 1 Learning to prioritize and manage your time.
Focus on the important items, activities that contribute to your goals. Use a planner, prioritize your goals, adjust your plan as needed Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone. Don’t let fear make your decisions 1

16 There is plenty of success to go around.
Habit #4: Think Win-Win There is plenty of success to go around.

17 Win-Win 6 A mental attitude that says I can win, and so can you.
You care about other people and you want them to succeed. Lose-lose, lose-win or win-lose are undesirable. Agreeing to disagree is an acceptable outcome. Avoid competition and comparing 6

18 Habit #5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood
The key to communication 5

19 Understand and be understood
Listen first, talk second. Listen with your eyes, heart and ears. Put yourself in their shoes. Repeat back what the other person is saying and feeling…use your own words. Make your own feelings understood in a calm, mature manner. 4

20 Habit #6: Synergize 3

21 What is synergy? 2 Teamwork Celebrating differences Being open-minded
Finding new and better ways Think of a band…each member brings his/hers strengths together to create something better. 2

22 Synergy Action Plan 1 Define the problem
Their Way (seek to understand) My way (be understood) Brainstorm (create new options) High Way (find the best solution) 1

23 Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw

24 What is Sharpening the Saw?
Finding balance in your life Taking time for yourself Renewing and strengthening your life Body: eat right, exercise, play sports, take walks Brain: read the newspaper, watch the discovery channel, play a game Heart: build relationships, make deposits, laugh Soul: meditate, serve others, reflect on goals, read an inspiring book 1

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