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Kwakiutl pronounced "kwah-kee-oo-tl”

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1 Kwakiutl pronounced "kwah-kee-oo-tl”

2 Humans migrated to this continent 10,000 years ago
Ice used to cover half of America INUITS KWAKIUTL

3 What is the name of the region where the Kwakiutl lived?

4 Look at the picture and the map to guess the type of climate

5 CLIMATE The climate was rainy and mild.
The land was covered with forests and lakes so wildlife and food were abundant. If the Kwakiutl lived in a forest with rivers, streams, and the ocean nearby, what food might they eat?

6 The environment affected what the Kwakiutl ate
Their main source of meat was caribou or fishing. They also hunted moose, deer, rabbits, and beaver. They traded the fur. The women of the Kwakiutl tribe gathered berries, roots, and nuts. To get salt for their food, the women gathered seaweed.

7 CANOES were used for fishing
Fish were abundant, especially salmon. Other foods included seal, clams, whale,and sea otter. Food was always available for these hunters and fishermen. They fished in canoes carved from cedar and redwood trees from the dense forests. They dug out a tree trunk to make the canoe. Occasionally they could even catch a whale with wooden harpoons.

8 Kwakiutl did not farm, so they were nomadic in the spring, summer, and fall.
Canoes were made from cedar wood and used to relocate when following migrating animals(nomadic).  The canoes were sometimes as long as 60 feet.  They had to follow migrating fish and games in order to survive.  They also used stone tools and fire in their everyday work.

9 Plank or clan house From the cedar and redwood trees, the Kwakiutl built houses called plank houses, or clan houses. Each building of planks could house members of the same clan and was 100 feet long. Each family had an area of the one room dwelling and each cooked its own food on its own cook fire.

10 Platforms were built in front of the houses to protect the village from the environment. Why?

11 Totem poles Totem poles began as the beams that supported the long plank house They also were in front the family house display the family crests of the chief that lived in the house. They showed a family’s power and pride.

12 Why did the Inuits never have totem poles
Why did the Inuits never have totem poles? Think about the natural resources.

13 The environment affected the Kwakiutl clothes
The Kwakiutl made clothing from the bark of trees and animal skins. They also made rain capes and coats from animal skins. Why did they not use cotton or wool?

14 Potlatch This was a feast held by a wealthy member of the tribe where members of a family or clan would be invited to a huge party and be given possessions of the host such as a canoe or blanket. Giving away ones possessions showed wealth and power and built goodwill within and between tribes and clans.

15 Natural resources Trees Fish-used to trade with other tribes
Animals-used animal furs to trade with others Water Berries

16 Trading Animal furs Fish
Kwakiutl liked to trade for the weavings of the Tlingit. They also traded with other tribes for canoes.

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