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People of the Northwest Coast By: Gurbinder, Dylan, and William.

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1 People of the Northwest Coast By: Gurbinder, Dylan, and William

2 Habitat The region is mild and wet, in many places there is more than 254 cm of rain. Warm temperatures and plentiful rain help lush rainforests grow. Red cedars, yellow cedars, spruce trees, reach towering heights in these forests. Region stretches 3219 km along the Pacific Ocean from southern Alaska to Northern California. The region is a narrow strip of land less than 161 km wide. The Northwest Coast Region includes hundreds of islands.

3 Subsistence The ocean and the region’s rivers and forests provide the native people with all the food and natural resources. The waters are full with shellfish, whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, and many other types of food. The forest offers food such as berries and roots, and nuts, as well as wood and bark. There is land surrounding the village where they fished, hunted, and collected natural resources.

4 Homes The people of the Northwest Coast live in hundreds of villages. The homes are built out of cedar. Large houses are shared by many people. Some villages have only one house, but most have a dozen houses. The largest villages have about 40 houses. All the houses face the ocean.

5 Tools and Weapons They sharpen beaver tooth and use it as a dagger. They make combs out of whale bones. They make spears out of cedar, usually 15 feet long to hunt sturgeon.

6 Religious or spiritual customs People from different villages gather for celebrations, trading with another, and sometimes fight wars. People believe that powerful sprits live in the ocean, forests, and the air. People believe all of their belongings is due to the generosity of the sprits. Most ceremonies are held in winter when the sprits are closer to the people.

7 Religious or spiritual customs One important ceremony is the potlatch. The potlatch is a gift giving ceremony. People where ceremonial clothing like robes that have clan crests on them.

8 Leadership and GOVERNMENT Leaders dress in robes and ceremonial hats. All the clan property and resources are controlled by the chief. You can become a chief if your ancestors were the chiefs before you.

9 Cultural artifacts The People of the Northwest Coast are known for their totem poles. The People of the Northwest Coast also have lots of masks.

10 Social organization and kinship Children are born into their mothers’ clan. Members of the same clan can’t marry each other. The children of slaves become slaves also.

11 Map of the northwest coast

12 Bibliography Kalman, Bobby. Nations of the Northwest Coast, Ontario: Crabtree Publishing Company, 2004. Coast Salish (online)

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