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PowerPoint by: Jackie Haller Presentation for incoming Sophomores at the Sophomore Orientation.

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2 PowerPoint by: Jackie Haller Presentation for incoming Sophomores at the Sophomore Orientation

3 Kearney High School the Internet and Y O U

4 Why have technology? Educational Achieve Today’s world

5 What can you do with District technology? Access your grades at school and from home. Conduct research relating to your schoolwork. Create a portfolio of your school work. Access you portfolio from home. Work at home and send it to school. Work at school and send it to your home. Access your lunch account. Find the school and activities calendar. Find directions to activities. Email your teachers.

6 How will you do all of this? ID Password

7 WARNING DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ID OR PASSWORD ! What could happen if someone else accesses the system on you account?

8 Access your grades and files. Use the internet inappropriately.

9 WARNING YOU are responsible for WHATEVER is done on your ID and password.

10 What actions or uses will cause you to lose privileges or worse.

11 Email Rights You may send and receive email. Responsibilities All emails need to be school appropriate. They must not contain pictures that are not suitable for school. They must not contain any names or words which incite anger or portray hate or prejudice. What you feel is appropriate is NOT the issue. It needs to be SCHOOL appropriate.

12 Research on the Internet Rights You may use the school internet to research school projects. Responsibilities Do not research topics that have not been approved by your teacher. Do not download illegally. Do not download any items that require a fee. Do not try to bypass the filter. Do not plagiarize. Internet sources must be acknowledged in your work.

13 SonicWall Rights The SonicWall is the KHS Internet filtering system. It attempts to block access to inappropriate sites. It is there for your safety. Responsibilities The SonicWall is not perfect. Tell your teacher if it fails. Do not try to disable or go around the Wall.

14 Scanners and Printers Rights You may use the printers for school projects only. Scanners may also be used for school projects. Responsibilities Do not attempt to print school inappropriate pictures or material. Do not attempt to scan copyrighted or inappropriate material.

15 Who’s Going to Know? Your teacher Your Principal Your Parents How will they know? Any use of school technology can be reviewed by school personnel. You have no rights of privacy. Your emails, internet sites, attempted sites, and downloads are recorded. EVERYTHING you do on the computer is recorded.

16 CONSEQUENCES Loss of internet privileges Suspended Financial Damages Expelled Criminal Action

17 You and your parents must sign the TUA before you are given access to the school’s technology. S t u d e n t & P a r e n t

18 BOTTOM LINE TO GOOD AND SAFE NETIQUETTE If you have doubts about something being acceptable If you feel you need to hide what you are doing from you teacher, you should not be doing it. And remember, It IS being recorded.

19 Our promise to YOU! We will do our best to keep technology running properly. No system will work 100% of the time. There is always a chance of lost of data, but we will all work TOGETHER to create the best educational experience for YOU.

20 Learn all you can learn. Let your loose and Happy SURFING

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