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With great power…comes great responsibility

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1 With great power…comes great responsibility
Spiderman© Marvel Comics

2 Great Powers: Software on each computer
Access to a local network for printing Access to the district server for saving and sharing work Access to the Internet for school webpages, databases, and other research tools.

3 On each computer Word, Powerpoint Everyday Math games Timeliner
Inspiration iPhoto ComicLife more Spiderman © Marvel Comics

4 On the local network Turn airport “ON” Access printers
Access district servers Access Internet Spiderman © Marvel Comics

5 Logging onto the server…
Use short user name and PIN number Back up work in your student folder Share documents with other students or hand in to the teacher Access files from your teacher

6 Network Security Never share your password
Do not access another person’s files Do not harm another person’s files Do not use network to hurt or embarrass others

7 On the Internet Access with Firefox browser software
Homepage is Meadowbrook Links Use ONLY links Access to school or class webpages Research Databases Online Books Spiderman © Marvel Comics

8 Internet Safety Always check with an adult before logging on
Use Meadowbrook Links or bookmarked sites Report inappropriate sites Ask permission to use Google or to type in a URL Display an “I” in the Media Center

9 Home & School No , IM, social networks or gaming at school or on school computers Postings must be appropriate, civil and represent your best work Do not share information that could identify you No cyberbullying NEVER agree to meet someone you find online

10 For Research Take notes in your own words
Always cite your sources (text or pictures) Identify and cite quotations Do not assume Internet material is copyright free!

11 Websites: be smart Who is sending the message and why?
How does the message grab your attention? What information might be missing? Ask yourself: is this your best source? Adapted from Media Madness 2005

12 …and do NOT steal Green Goblin© Marvel Comics

13 Plagiarism Is unethical Is stealing another’s property
Teaches you nothing Can have very tough consequences Is not acceptable at Meadowbrook

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