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2 Rule #1 I will not give out ANY personal information! not your phone #
not your parents phone # not your address not your full name not your school name

3 Rule #2 I will tell my parents/teacher right away if I come across anything that makes me feel uncomfortable

4 Rule #3 I will never, ever agree to meet someone that I meet online without first checking with my parents.

5 Rule #4 I will never send a person my picture or anything else without your parents permission

6 Rule # 5 I will not take part in or respond to Cyber bullying. I will let my parents know if anyone is being mean or using inappropriate language while online

7 Rule #6 The only people who should know my password(s) are my parents and my teachers.

8 Rule #7 At home I will check with my parents before downloading or installing software. At school I will never download or install any software.

9 Rule #8 I will let my parents know which websites I visit

10 Rule #9 I will follow the Internet Safety rules in order to stay safe while online!

11 Rule #10 Have Fun!

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