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Concrete Industry Parking Lot Strategic Plan 2007-2010.

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1 Concrete Industry Parking Lot Strategic Plan 2007-2010

2 “Historic Opportunity” As the superiority of concrete parking lots is increasingly matched with a first-cost concrete advantage, the biggest challenge in growing market share will be overcoming the inertia of a marketplace where asphalt has been dominant. The opportunity is large, the trends are positive—and promotion is more important than ever.

3 Opportunity

4 The Opportunity is Large According to PCA and Reed Construction Data: Concrete potential yearly: 88 M. CY concrete 22 MT cement Concrete parking lot market share in 2005: 9.1% (new construction)

5 The Trends are Positive In a world where customers care more and more about the environment and always care about price: Concrete increasingly recognized as “green” Asphalt increasingly recognized as having environmental problems Asphalt increasingly expensive

6 Concrete Increasingly Recognized as “Green” LEED Reference Guide for Concrete published by the RMC Research and Education Foundation Pervious is a natural solution of great interest to increasingly “green” customers, and a great door-opener to introduce the environmental benefits of concrete in general

7 Asphalt Increasingly Recognized as Having Environmental Problems According to a recent study in Texas by the U.S. Geological Survey National Water-Quality Asses- ment Program and the City of Austin, the black emulsion sealcoat applied to asphalt pavement has extremely elevated concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and can significantly affect the quality of downstream water resources. PAHs are known to have adverse health effects on animals, plants and people. Small particles of sealcoat flake off as they are abraded by vehicle tires, and can wash into urban streams with rain and runoff. “If you look at the asphalt used in a parking lot, the top coat is quite toxic. So if you have a heavy rain [soon] after the parking lot goes in, it’s not unusual to see fish kills downstream.” --- Melinda Lalor, professor of environmental engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

8 Viewpoint of “Balanced’ Paving Industry Participant Drew Meyer of Vulcan Materials posed this question in his keynote at the NRMCA Convention in La Jolla recently: Do you know what concrete’s biggest advantage will be over asphalt in the next 30 years?

9 Viewpoint of “Balanced’ Paving Industry Participant Drew Meyer of Vulcan Materials posed this question in his keynote at the NRMCA Convention in La Jolla recently: Do you know what concrete’s biggest advantage will be over asphalt in the next 30 years? PRICE !

10 Asphalt is Increasingly Expensive Prices for asphalt increased 17.8 percent in 2005 and 36.5 percent in 2006, according to an Associated General Contractors report.

11 Local Concerns Growing on Asphalt Prices Central Utah's Daily Herald newspaper reported in March, 2007 that counties may have to cut back on street resurfacing, because "asphalt prices will continue to skyrocket.“ According to public works director Clyde Naylor, the outlook is for asphalt to cost as much as 40 percent more next year because supplies will be tight. "We're just getting less (asphalt)," Naylor told commissioners. "It might get to the point where we have to make roads out of concrete."

12 Headline: High price of crude oil raises cost of asphalt paving to 'outrageous' Salt Lake Tribune Published: 05.29.2007 The high price of crude oil… has forced up the cost of laying down pavement for new roads, filling in the potholes of aging parking lots or reconditioning a home's leaky roof with a new layer of asphalt shingles. "The price of asphalt these days is outrageous," said Ron Case of Ron Case Roofing and Asphalt Paving in Salt Lake City. "Every month or so, it seems, we're getting hit with another 7 percent to 10 percent increase in price. And like gasoline, there's nothing we can really do about it. We have to have it."

13 First Cost & Lifecycle Cost Comparison Concrete & Asphalt

14 Collaboration (In planning and execution.)

15 Parking Lot Strategic Plan Goals Download Strategic Plan and state/local planning material: 1.Increase national market share for new concrete parking areas from 9.1% in 2005 to 15.1% in 2010. 2.Develop and maintain an effective delivery system. 3.Ensure regular and effective communications among industry promoters and stakeholders. 4.Provide quality and timely support materials and services. 5.Educate respective stakeholders, promoters and customers. 6.Develop and implement an effective measurement system.

16 Collaboration in Execution Communication is key for sharing/learning what works National/local teamwork creates awareness of opportunities and improves success at both levels Tools and approaches useful in one area are often effective in another Shared goals enhance motivation for working together and provide added incentive for support

17 Focus

18 Promotion Focus at Local Level National and local promotion are both necessary for progress Industry participants are urged to bring expanded promotion resources to bear on growing this market The Working Group agreed unanimously that the most effective way to advance the market is through additional full-time promoters focused on specific local projects Strategic planning is needed to maximize local promotion effectiveness as well as national

19 Local Strategic Planning Regional meetings encouraged to help develop local strategic plans Adjacent localities encouraged to plan and work together ROI analysis of payback on parking lot promotion encouraged to optimize resources

20 Support

21 New/Updated Tools for Parking Lot Promotion  Local Project Lead-Delivery System (BUD)  Centralized Design Assistance 7/07-- Updated Local Promotion Toolkit (Pitch Book) 9/07-- 9/07-- Parking Lot Success Database 1/08-- CPA Software Update Working Group sub-committees developed plans for new and updated parking lot promotion tools and collateral. NRMCA has responsibility for implementing these plans.

22 Local Project Lead-Delivery System Local promoters should be responsible for local leads-- with national support Buildings Under Design (BUD) online database is new resource for gaining local leads National subscription enables local account access for only $50 Leads are detailed and regularly updated, can provide lead time for thoughtful promotion activity Useful for parking lots and other applications Because of limited log-on availability, offer is limited to NRMCA affiliated organizations and may not be available after may 30, 2007


24 Centralized Parking Lot Design Assistance Service to be offered to specifiers through NRMCA- affiliated organizations Intension is to encourage and support specifiers that are willing to try concrete Service is offered by NRMCA & Ohio RMCA (free in initial pilot project, eventually on cost-sharing basis) Suggestions for sub-base, thickness, design details, jointing, specifications, maintenance, etc. using ACI 330, NRMCA CPA software, ACPA or PCA guidelines Overcoming the Inertia of the Marketplace!

25 Sample Design Suggestions

26 Parking Lot Success Reporting Broad participation essential for development of valuable tool Simple spreadsheet format for collection and submission of successes Results will be available on Database of pervious projects also being collected

27 CPA Software Update Default updates “Training manual” addition New user ‘talking points” Asphalt cost calculator addition Plan to offer recommended updates on material costs

28 Program currently requires asphalt cost in-place per ton.

29 Asphalt in place (sq. ft.) Surface asphalt thickness (in.) Bituminous base thickness (in.) New format will calculate in-place per ton from in-place per ft 2

30 Promoter-only site with initial parking lot focus, to expand to other applications Free downloadable resources including promotion PDFs for local printing, demo videos, ad slicks, etc. Updated news and information on promotion programs, training sessions, industry events Success stories “Bulletin boards” and other communication tools Best practices information and other support materials

31 Concrete Promoters Directory All concrete promoters asked to sign up to appear in directory Form available now at All sign-ups will receive site access Opportunity to register support for the industry parking lot plan

32 Collateral Available from NRMCA

33 Concrete Parking & Pervious Sites

34 Assess & Adjust

35 R.S. Means Adopted as Market Share Measurement Vendor 2005 Benchmarks & 2010 Targets for Concrete Parking Lots for New Building Construction (By Region) Each participating state has a 2005 benchmark and 2010 goal, contributing to regional totals State/regional goals comprise in total the NRMCA Strategic Plan goal for 2010 Industry goals are therefore tied together which underscores importance of collaboration and cooperation

36 Measurement Plans Report market share on a rolling 12-month basis at the national, regional and state levels as a measure of promotion effectiveness (in place now). Increase the accuracy and utility of the Reed Construction database over time (double projects reviewed by 2010 from 3,000 to 6,000). Conduct decision maker attitude and perception studies every third year to provide focus to promotion efforts and as a measure of progress (2005, 2008, 2011). Create a database for measuring concrete parking area market share in the reconstruction market (complete by 2011).

37 National Promotion Plan Steering Committee Dennis AhalAhal Contracting Bev GarnantASCC Dewey ForeAsh Grove Cement Ray SeippBuzzi USA Tom TietzCalifornia Nevada Cement Association William ArentCarolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association Henry BattenConcrete Supply Company Peter DeemHolcim (US) Inc. Robert VarnerMS Concrete Industries Assoc. Doug BurnsNorth Central Cement Council Robert GarbiniNRMCA Glenn OchsenreiterNRMCA Ken CaubbleOhio RMCA George BarneyPCA Dale FisherPCI Systems Karl Watson, Jr.Rinker Bob SellsTarmac America Barrett ReeseTXI Michael HarlanU.S. Concrete

38 Thanks! Contact Glenn Ochsenreiter at NRMCA for additional information on the Concrete Industry Parking Lot Strategic Plan 240-485-1140 Promotion & strategic planning support materials available at

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