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Mobility Extension Gain competitive edge for yourself and comfort for your customers.

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1 Mobility Extension Gain competitive edge for yourself and comfort for your customers

2 The Mobility Extension (ME) is a device that: is a complementary product to any PBX. enables to connect any end users mobile phone to your PBX like a standard office extension. allows the end user to use all functions of your PBX even if working out of the office. makes the end users everyday work more comfortable and easier. reduces the end users mobile call costs.

3 Keep mobile with the ME Nowadays it is almost necessary to be absolutely mobile not only around your office desk, within the office or factory, but also over a wider area. Heres an example: Sometimes you go on holiday or simply want to avoid the morning and evening traffic jams in the city and wish to stay at home. What do you usually need for your work? A notebook and a phone. So why do you go to your office every day? Because customers call you there (not everybody calls your mobile/cell phone) and making a lot of mobile phone calls can become very expensive. The ME solves all of these problems; you can work at any place, you dont have to care about your call costs and the ME supports your mobile behaviour requirements – applications, services, support and flexibility.

4 How does the ME work with the PBX? The office phone is ringing. Answer the mobile The mobile phone is ringing at the same time. External Call Here is what happens when somebody calls your office phone (extension):

5 Explanation Nothing changes on the callers side. As the receiving / called party (user of the Mobility Extension), you experience the following: The phone in your office and your mobile/cell phone start ringing at the same time. The phone (i.e. either your office phone or cell phone/mobile phone) you answer first gets connected, the other one stops ringing. Then you can use all services offered by your company PBX directly from your mobile phone. Somebody is calling your office phone (extension):

6 How does the ME work with the PBX? Here is what happens when you work out of the office and make a call from your mobile phone: 0,- EUR

7 How does the ME work with the PBX? You are out of the office (e.g. at home) and you want to make a call. You call your ME number (number of the SIM card inserted in the ME) and enter the password. From now on, your mobile phone acts as an internal extension and your call costs are the same as if you were sitting in your office. Here is what happens when you work out of the office and make a call from your mobile phone:

8 Cost saving effect Lower international call costs when you call from your mobile phone. Fewer callbacks from your customers because of higher availability. Lower company call costs – low or no costs of mobile calls to your company affiliates if they are connected to your company VoIP network. The Mobility Extension can be used as a GSM gateway for additional saving.

9 Case study: Using PBX functions Control procedure – CLIP and password check The user can use all PBX functions and applications.

10 Using PBX functions from your mobile phone (Comfort effect) While calling from your mobile phone through the ME you can make use of all company PBX functions (Redirecting, VoiceMail, etc.). To other users of your PBX you, despite being a mobile user, appear as a normal extension. This means that they can use any common PBX service without knowing that they are calling through the Mobility Extension.

11 How to connect the Mobility Extension

12 How to connect - explanation 2Ns ME is a scalable system with 2 to 8 GSM channels. Connect the 2N ME to the internal side of your PBX via analog extension lines. Insert your SIM cards. Configure the 2N ME using a SW configuration tool. The ME users are defined like any other extensions.

13 What benefits does the ME bring to you? You attract more customers by extending your PBX functions. You help your distributors acquire new clients. You gain a part of the competitors market, especially if you are one of the first to use the Mobility Extension.

14 Benefits for end users Highest mobility and comfort. No need to reconfigure your PBX. Substantial cost saving when you work out of the office (e.g. international calls). Colleagues in the office only call one number to reach each other - fewer attempts and less effort to contact a person. The cell phone can be used as an internal extension or as a DECT alternative. Only one phone book is needed – in the mobile phone; you dont have to maintain another one in the DECT phone.

15 Main reasons for buying/selling the 2N ME 2Ns ME brings the customers office comfort to their homes or any other place. Its mobile access combined with PBX services and applications allows the ME users to become truly mobile. It is easy and very cheap to make and receive phone calls via the 2N ME. The 2N ME is the best money-saving and most comfortable solution for a mobile office.

16 Thank you for your attention

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