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Reviewed by [your name goes here] Ms. Valley’s Library Media Class.

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1 Reviewed by [your name goes here] Ms. Valley’s Library Media Class

2 This Realistic fiction story takes place in Willow Falls. [Genre] [Setting] Fill in the Genre blank with one of the following fiction genres: Science Fiction Fantasy Fiction Mystery Fiction Classic Fiction Realistic Fiction Suspense Fiction Action & Adventure Fiction Historical Fiction Horror/Ghost Fiction Humor Fiction

3  Tara Brenton is 12  She moves around a lot and doesn’t ever want to be a part of a group or to make friends but her mother pushes her to try What is the main characters age, gender and personality traits. Insert a picture from clip art that you feel best resembles the main character. Do not crowd the slide up with too much text.

4  Tara pulls a prank on the school principal and is suspended from school  Her parents punishment is to send her away for the summer to live with people she has never met before The rising action is the problem at the beginning of the story

5  Tara, who has never been out of her parents sight except while at school gets robbed on the train ride to her new “home” The most dramatic part of the story….BUT DON’T GIVE AWAY HOW IT ENDS….leave them haning

6  This was a great story for girls entering middle school. It is a story about making friends and mistakes in order to learn lessons and grow. It is also wonderful for showing the love and the strain between mothers and daughters Make sure to tell us more than “this is a good story.” Make us want to read the book without giving too much away.

7 Use the Citation Maker found on our library website or at Making sure to cite all your sources (book, pictures, etc.) You do not have to cite pictures or music used from clipart Mas, Wendy. Thirteen Gifts. New York: Scholastic, 2011. Example of citing a book with one author. The punctuation is in yellow and the ^ sign means that there is a space: [author’s last name],^[author’s first name].^[title (underlined)]. [city it was published in]:^[Publisher],^ copyright date.

8  Every slide should have a Title, picture and text (information)  Background and text colors should contrast each other so that they are easy to view from the back of the classroom when displayed on the SmartBoard at the front  Use colors that are opposite on the color wheel  So that you do not overcrowd your slides with text, use one sentence or 6 one word bulleted points. Do NOT do what I did in the notes. There are too many words here.

9  Make sure that the Title, picture and text you use all go together. For example, if you are writing about a family camping the picture would the one in the middle  Insert a song that plays as soon as your project opens up until it has ended (Insert tab > sound > sound from file) Songs can be found at: StudentCommons on Vulture > Media Productions > Music folder

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