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Client Lunch & Learn (12:15). Association for Information & Image Management Nov. 2010 Research Scanner Utilization.

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1 Client Lunch & Learn (12:15)

2 Association for Information & Image Management Nov Research Scanner Utilization

3 Topics Searchable PDF Google Docs DMS Link / Barcode Recognition Metadata Microsoft SharePoint and MFP Integration Save fax line cost by using MFP scan feature OCR – convert paper document to MS Word Password protect scan document Kyocera PDF creation software

4 Topic Searchable PDF Browser based PDF search solution

5 Image vs. Text-Based PDF’s *OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is required to convert Scanned Document to Searchable PDF. OCR is not guaranteed 100% accuracy. The following screenshots are of an image-based PDF and a text-based (searchable) PDF

6 Demo Scan and Search PDF files –Use existing Windows directory structureWindows directory structure –Using Google Docs –Using SharePoint Convert already scanned PDF files to Searchable PDFConvert already scanned PDF files to Searchable PDF

7 Topic Barcode Recognition Metadata Folder browsing

8 DMS Link Middleware to connect MFP & Document Management System Scanned to folder (centralized address book, browse folders ) Input Index/Metadata Data at MFP (with Lookup and Validation capability) Barcode Recognition Extend Scan Capability with Custom Script (e.g. Scan to various DMS, SQL Server, Fax Server) Windows Server Capture Module Job Processing Module DMS Watch-Folder DMS Watch-Folder DMS Image s XML DMS Database

9 Metadata

10 Folder Browsing

11 Barcode Recognition Barcode Recognition is much more accurate than OCR Use Barcode value to route the document Use Barcode value to name the document Automatic Metadata input based on barcode value Barcode can be easily created using Microsoft Word or 4 Office Webpage4 Office Webpage

12 Demo Create Barcode routing sheet Route Scan Document using Barcode routing sheet

13 Topics MFP integration with Microsoft SharePoint Scan document with Metadata SharePoint Workflow

14 SharePoint Market SharePoint has been widely adopted by all types of companies and industries. Source: Company references from Microsoft

15 Association for Information & Image Management Nov Research SharePoint

16 SharePoint Connector Complete Integration with Microsoft SharePoint –Scan documents to SharePoint –Print PDFs from SharePoint (Forms) Browse document libraries and folders Create folders Username (who scan the document) Enter values for document library metadata fields

17 SharePoint Connector (con’t)


19 Demo Scan using SharePoint Connector

20 Topics Scan to Fax Save fax line cost (from $50 to $10 a month)

21 Leverage Direct Dial Phone System Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers External Phones Public Switched Telephone Network Joe Jane’s Office Phone Digital T1/PRI Direct Inward Dial (DID) Telephone System Call Jane’s Direct Dial Phone # Can you directly dial someone’s phone without going through a receptionist or dialing a main # and extension? * * Note: A telephone system that supports direct dial may not be configured with direct dial #s for all users.

22 Fax Server Advantages MORE Fax #s than #of fax server lines Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers Public Switched Telephone Network Replace every 4 fax machine lines with 1 shared Fax line Purchasing dept. Fax # External Fax Machines Incoming fax to or print Example Fax DID Costs $0 -$100/Month * $0 - $1,200/Year for 100 Fax #s (DID) ($1/Mo./DID Fax #) * Note: Many times companies have unused DID voice #s that can be used as DID fax #s at no additional cost. Example: 100 DID Fax #s Through Telephone System (Supports Routing DID Faxes via DTMF Tones)

23 Fax Server Integration Fax Server standard feature: SMTP Gateway –Scan to to fax server –e.g. Fax Server can be Hosted using Bell Internet Fax or etc. Users do not require to when send fax from MFP MFP able to Send Fax without Fax Line

24 Demo Scan to Fax Server from MFP

25 Topics Scan (OCR) to Microsoft Word Password protect scan document Kyocera PDF creation software

26 Office 2010 no OCR to Word Office 2007 Screenshot

27 Demo One touch OCR to Word using 4 Office Server

28 Demo PDF Encryption

29 Demo Extract one page PDF form a large PDF document

30 End

31 Sample File Archive Directory Structure The simplest, yet efficient system of managing digital documents is to store them in a hierarchical directory structure

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