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Our passion is PEOPLE We inspire & build leadership in the voluntary sector.

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1 Our passion is PEOPLE We inspire & build leadership in the voluntary sector.

2 Welcome to Volunteer Vancouver Volunteer Vancouver inspires and builds leadership in the voluntary sector Our passion is PEOPLE We believe all volunteering is valuable We see a world where every community mindfully engages passionate citizens

3 The “New” Volunteer We continue to match the challenges of organizations with the ability of the people to provide solutions to these challenges (, And… –The “new” volunteer is the most often overlooked capacity builder for organizations –The “new” volunteer is attracted to a strong organization

4 The “New” Volunteer Now, we work with the whole organization to become stronger, with a focus on how it: Leads Plans Governs Works with people

5 1943-present 65 years of strengthening community through promoting and facilitating volunteering Partner with other capacity builders e.g. Vancouver Foundation and United Way 2002: Launched (online volunteer recruitment tool) Architect and delivery agent for Canada Volunteerism Initiative Serve over 500 member organizations and 40 others Engaged 202 specifically-skilled volunteers in 2007 Build capacity in our organization through people engagement

6 Impact of Volunteers People are the often overlooked capacity builder

7 Volunteering: On Thin Ice Loss of 1 million volunteers BoardMatch presentations (2003 – present) monthly with 24 participants each month. All want to be engaged in community and are not finding the volunteer work they seek

8 The “New” Volunteers’ Perspective:

9 The Organization’s Challenge:

10 A Viable Solution:

11 Positioning all available people to truly make a difference results in strong, vibrant organizations. Both paid and unpaid people in the organization - focused on building its capacity - will be seeking: Life-long learning Opportunities for development Clear communication on expectations and outcomes

12 Employees and volunteers are motivated by the same factors

13 Attracted to Strong Organizations

14 Workshops on Employment Branding, Continuity of Leadership, Power of People GoVolunteer Probono and Board Development Governance Learning Circle, Board Development, Critical Role of the Board Chair, Board Chair Academy New Executive Director Academy, Leadership Coaching Program, Executive Director Learning Circle Workshops on Employment Brand, Continuity of Leadership

15 How to Attract Volunteers Return Commitment of Resources Tried and True (govoluteer,ca) Board Members (Board Match, Board Development) Skilled to Accelerate (GoVolProbono) Embark on Organizational Excellence (Many Levels) Culture of People (Value people first)

16 People want to make a difference. Outstanding organizations enable them to do so.

17 Our Mission: to inspire & build leadership in the voluntary sector Our Vision: all communities mindfully engage passionate citizens Our Passion: People

18 604-875-9144

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