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Co-ED Webinar Introduction to the Provincial Training Initiative.

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1 Co-ED Webinar Introduction to the Provincial Training Initiative

2 Welcome & Your Vantage Point Facilitators Maria Turnbull, Associate Executive Director Karen Buchamer, Director, Innovation 2

3 Agenda Introduction to Vantage Point Overview of the Provincial Training Initiative Co-ED Learning Lab Highlights Over to you for feedback, questions, etc. Next Steps… 3

4 “ we inspire and build leadership in the voluntary sector. ” -Vantage Point’s Mission

5 Provincial Training Initiative Vision: A sustainable and resilient network of Divisions of Family Practice across BC Mission: Equip board and staff leadership with the skills and resources they require to effectively govern and manage their Divisions of Family Practice 5

6 6 Board MembersCo-EDs Online Resources Developing a web portal to share existing and newly developed resources for both board and staff leadership Open- enrollment workshops Board Governance 101; Succession Planning; Adopting a Model for Improvement; Moving to Macro Governance; Strengthening Financial Stewardship Mainpro -M1 Accredited Customized workshops Advanced Learning (Cohort/Series) SFU Leadership and Management Development Program Co-ED Learning Lab

7 Co-ED Learning Lab Highlights Target Audience: Most senior paid leader from each of the Divisions, max 16 Co-EDs per intake Delivery: 6 modules delivered through 4 full-day in-person learning sessions (2 x 2-day events); online learning centre; individual/peer learning Dates/locations: first intake to start Oct 2013 (tentative Oct 28 & 29, Vancouver) 7

8 Proposed learning outcomes - Develop a unique organizational development action plan - Implement practical approaches to align ALL the people - Articulate the distinct role of the Co-ED - Implement a strong performance management system - Develop an operational plan - Demonstrate a strong understanding of financial accountability 8

9 Over to you… Reactions? Questions? Other topics/area of focus to consider? 9

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