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1 Welcome to a presentation about
New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Community Challenge Graham Tuttle, Chief Executive, Norfolk Community Foundation

2 New Anglia LEP Community Challenge
The Community Challenge is a new award scheme for Norfolk and Suffolk created by New Anglia LEP to encourage projects that help people facing multiple disadvantage become work ready, and into employment It is being administered in partnership with Norfolk and Suffolk Community Foundations £230,000 has been allocated to the programme New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

3 Aim of the Community Challenge
Aim is to support 250 disadvantaged people to become job ready and a further 75 to gain paid employment By providing opportunities to people who are much less likely to be in training or working; including those that are homeless, suffering mental ill-health, young people and the long-term unemployed. New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

4 New Anglia LEP Community Challenge
Who can apply? The Challenge is open to Registered Charities / Social Enterprise organisations Collaborative proposals welcome – must have a lead partner that: Is already based in and working in the LEP area Has at least 2 years track record – evidenced by annual accounts Has a board of trustees / directors that consists of at least 3 unrelated persons An organisation can only lead on one proposal, but can be a partner in more than one. New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

5 New Anglia LEP Community Challenge
What can you apply for? Eligible organisations can apply to the LEP Community Challenge for an award of £20,000 to deliver projects that support people with complex needs into training and/or work. Two projects which are judged as the most innovative and meet the aims of the Challenge particularly well will receive an extra £25,000 Prize in early 2016 to sustain and scale up their projects. New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

6 Your project should also
Engage with businesses to help create opportunities by offering time, skills and resources Include match funding – either financial or in-kind – of at least £7,000. This does not need to be in place but you will need to explain clearly in the application how this additional support will be generated and achieved over the 12 month duration of the project New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

7 New Anglia LEP Community Challenge
Social Impact Winning proposals will need to show significant and measurable improvement in the development of participant’s skills and opportunities for employment, particularly those from less affluent neighbourhoods By supporting disadvantaged people to access activities such as formal/informal training, skills development, work experience and/or direct employment New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

8 The LEP judging criteria for projects
Introduce new approaches or ideas that are shared, particularly those that develop understanding between the voluntary, social enterprise and private sectors Build on the existing assets in communities including the skills knowledge and abilities that people already have Develop collaborative working between different organisations, where appropriate Provide ways of working that can be replicated and are more likely to be sustainable Led by organisations that have strong track records and teams that have a wide range of appropriate skills New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

9 New Anglia LEP Community Challenge
Evidence Clear outcomes and milestones matching the LEP Challenge themes, and outputs to achieve the Challenge beneficiary numbers Will need to include the systems and approaches for measuring effectiveness of the project in the short, medium and long term The project should demonstrate how an award will increase skills, pathways and access into employment for people facing multiple disadvantage The project should demonstrate that you have the capacity within the organisation or can put into place very quickly what is needed, to deliver your project Requirement to report at six months, and end of year including case studies New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

10 New Anglia LEP Community Challenge
Application process Application forms on Norfolk and Suffolk Community Foundation websites Applications should be submitted to the relevant CF dependent on where the project will take place (or location of lead partner) Shortlisted organisations will receive support from Voluntary Norfolk and Community Action Suffolk to develop delivery plans Shortlisted organisations will deliver presentations about their projects to the awards panel New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

11 Why a successful approach
The programme promotes collaboration and innovation as a way of improving the job market for our most vulnerable A joined up solution for the voluntary and community sector which can be replicated and developed as proven model as new funding streams become available Delivers improvement and change for the business sector who need new skilled resource from whatever source. Demonstrates an engagement and understanding from the New Anglia LEP in the voluntary and community sector. Demonstrates a financial commitment to that sector Evidences the importance of the collaborative working between the Norfolk and Suffolk infra-structure organisations Demonstrates the role of the Community Foundation as a professional grant maker New Anglia LEP Community Challenge

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