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Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo Strengthening Nonprofit Organizations Connecting Volunteers to Community Needs.

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1 Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo Strengthening Nonprofit Organizations Connecting Volunteers to Community Needs

2 We Believe… We believe that through volunteer service people have the capacity to enrich their own lives and improve the quality of life in their communities.

3 Mission of Volunteer Center Improving our community by fostering effective volunteerism in order to strengthen nonprofit organizations.

4 Who We Are Founded in 1965 501 (c)3 tax exempt organization Yearly operating budget $227,000 Working with 290+ local agencies Communications reach thousands

5 Identifying Community Needs Strong heritage of volunteerism in Kalamazoo Few nonprofit organizations have adequate resources (money and/or staff) to achieve their mission Volunteers are an excellent addition to resources Many nonprofit organizations lack a formal volunteer program and do not gain full benefit from volunteers Many volunteers become discouraged when their services are not effectively utilized A community assessment revealed

6 Addressing Community Needs Volunteer management training and consulting Improved volunteer recruitment tools On-line volunteer management tools and templates Improved services for community volunteers Expanded listings of organizations and opportunities On-line searchable database of volunteer opportunities Volunteer Centers Response

7 Role of the Volunteer Center Help develop skills, knowledge and programs for nonprofit volunteer coordinators to improve retention of volunteers. Help build local capacity of nonprofit organizations by recruiting volunteers. Help raise public awareness of the need for volunteers. Help recruit board members to provide organizational governance.

8 Why Nonprofits Want Volunteers Help accomplish their mission Relieve paid staff of some duties Supplemental expertise and skills Serve more clients Community involvement Added perspective from feedback Broaden support base

9 $ Value of Volunteer Time The average value of a Michigan volunteer is: $19.70 per hour Source: Independent Sector, based on 2008 data

10 Why People Volunteer Affinity for organization or mission Relationship to clients Application of skills Community development Altruism Social outlet Requirements (school or court-mandated)

11 Making the Connection The Volunteer Center works to connect volunteers with the volunteer opportunity that best fits their interests and skills.

12 Programs and Services Featuring, special events and an online searchable database of current volunteer opportunities More than 500 opportunities from 160 + nonprofit organizations Volunteer Recruitment

13 Programs and Services People Need You Kalamazoo Gazette column Volunteer Recruitment

14 Programs and Services Youth Programs VolunTEENS Summer program for youth ages 12-18 Michigan Student Service Award Graduating seniors completing 400 hours of community service

15 Programs and Services Volunteer Management Essentials 3-part series providing comprehensive volunteer management training. Lunch Hour Workshops 1-hour sessions reviewing important, relevant topics. Volunteer Tracking Software Free access to online software to manage volunteer referrals. Volunteer Management Training

16 What Others Say The Volunteer Center is like the library of Volunteer Management. Its where I go to get my questions answered. The recruitment service is amazing. Each week I get five or more new volunteer referrals so I know it works. Its a wonderful service! Barb Fish, Director of Senior Wellness & Volunteer Management at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo

17 Programs and Services BoardConnect ® A nonprofit board training and matching service that builds the leadership skills of nonprofit organizations and community members. Board Member Recruitment and Training Custom & Public Workshops Strengthening existing boards. Engaging employees in the community that they serve.

18 Programs and Services Annual STAR Awards program honors outstanding community volunteers in 12 categories Started in 1986 Co-sponsored by the Kalamazoo Gazette Dick & Betty VanderMolen 2009 Community Leadership Award Winners Volunteer Recognition STAR Awards

19 Financial Support Most services are offered for little or no cost. We gratefully acknowledge those who provide financial support to the Volunteer Center. Fee for service (educational workshops, Guidebook fees, board member training) Fundraising events (Grape Expectations) Individual donors (Like you!) Greater Kalamazoo United Way Foundation grants (Arcus, Kalamazoo Community, Irving S. Gilmore) Local service clubs

20 Contact Information Interested in volunteering? Want to learn more? Call us at 269-382-8350 Visit us online at: Chris Sizemore, Executive Director Ann MacCreery, Program/Development Director Amanda Reel, Program Coordinator

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