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Mr. Cahill’s History 10 McCarthy and the Cold War at Home Unit 14.

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2 Mr. Cahill’s History 10

3 McCarthy and the Cold War at Home Unit 14

4 Standards / Indicators History: –12: Explain the major domestic developments after 1945 with emphasis on: B. McCarthyism Materials needed: notebook and pencil

5 The “Dot Game” Each Student will receive a piece of paper This is only for you to see Are YOU a good judge of character? –If you paper has a dot in the middle your job is to infiltrate the largest “non dot” group possible –If you have no dot your job is to form the larges “non- dot” group possible –The group with the largest non-dot group wins 5 extra credit points. –The person w/ a dot who has infiltrated the largest dot group also wins 5 extra points.


7 SLIDE 1.3A McCarthyism The Birth of McCarthyism [1950] Republican from Wisconsin Made speech about 205 known Communist that worked in the State Department Started a “witch” hunt that lasted for 4 yearsStarted a “witch” hunt that lasted for 4 years

8 Con’t With Slide 1.3A Member of the House Un-American Activities Committee [HUAC] If you refused to answer you were labeled –“Fifth Amendment Communist” or –“Guilty by association” –His favorite target was Hollywood

9 Con’t with Slide 1.3A The fear,suspicion, and scapegoating that surrounded his accusations came to be known as McCarthyism He accused the Democratic Party as being “soft on communism” for their liberal politics

10 Con’t with Slide 1.3A Americans had a choice between –“communism and republicans” –“Reds” [die heart communist] –“Pinks [gradually lead you to communism] Being anti-Communist was the only way to save America

11 Con’t with Slide 1.3A McCarthyism resulted in a political atmosphere that was dominated by anti-Communist fears and tensions across the United States

12 Con’t with Slide 1.3A Setbacks that contributed to the rise of McCarthyism in the year 1949 –China became a communist state –Alger Hiss a top state department official was convicted as a Soviet spy –Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb –The Rosenbergs convicted of treason and executed in 1953

13 Slide 1.3B Anti-Communist Sentiment in American Society McCarthyism dominated society and culture during much of the 1950”s. The impact of McCarthyism was serious and long lasting.

14 Con’t with Slide 1.3B Lawmaking: laws were passed to curbed communist threat. [such as] –Texas belonging to the communist party was punishable by 20 years in prison –New York oath of loyalty to get a fishing license –Membership in the Communist Party illegal

15 Con’t with Slide 1.3B Political Discourse –any social program was seen as the path to socialism socialized medicine for the nation was turned down polio vaccine was not free it was seen as “socialized medicine through the back door”

16 Con’t with Slide 1.3B Education was impacted by anti-communist hysteria –teachers and professors had to take loyalty oaths –textbooks emphasized patriotic themes, and promoted anti-communism propaganda –“Un-American” books were banned and removed from libraries

17 Con’t with Slide 1.3B The Film Industry McCarthy’s prime target –many entertainers were blacked listed, banished,or jailed for refusing to cooperate –some actors formed anti-Communist groups –studios turned many anti-Communist films

18 Slide 1.3C The End of McCarthyism McCarthy Falls –he never proved his conspiracy charges nor was any conspirator ever found, soon his power faded and his followers abandoned him –he accused the U.S. Army sheltering Communist Americans saw through McCarthy’s hectoring and bullying tactics

19 Con’t with Slide 1.3C McCarthy disgraced generals, congressmen, and even President Eisenhower He was censured by the Senate in 1954 He died of liver failure three years later

20 Con’t with Slide 1.3C Ironies of the anti-Communist hysteria of the McCarthy era –communism never gained a foothold in the U.S. –communist only numbered about 45,000 people –after FBI prosecution the party numbered fewer than 5,000 members many of these people were FBI agents

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