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Planning an Early Childhood Leadership Breakfast June 1, 2006.

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1 Planning an Early Childhood Leadership Breakfast June 1, 2006

2 First Steps Establish a Public Policy Committee –Designate Breakfast Subcommittee –Assign staff –State goals (written) for Partners and Co-hosts Determine Budget Seek Partner/Partners Consider Co-host options, be strategic –Democrat –Republican

3 First Steps Legislative Co-host options –Opportunity to groom a children’s champion? Newly elected? –Well respected –Interested in children’s issues –Ongoing relationship –Connection to Business supporter Decide PR issues

4 First Steps Consider potential locations –Accessible –Rush hour traffic –Parking –Food options –Comfortable room set-up –AV Equipment hook-up/availability

5 Determine Date Minimum one month after Governor’s Budget is released is recommended –Analyze children’s budget –Time to determine “The Ask” March, or April - to coincide with Week of the Young Child Friday is usually best for Legislators in their home district Check calendar and local community events for any possible conflicts

6 Timeline July/August Establish budget for breakfast and designate primary staff person September Subcommittee discuss focus for Breakfast If annual, consider logical progression of topics Decide two (or three) possible dates October Make recommendations to CE Board

7 Timeline Mid October Confirm Partners (and funders) Decide focus Subcommittee (and partners) brainstorm for speakers Begin gathering supportive materials for packets Decide invitation list (Legislators, Business, others) November Finalize Co-chairs, ask to hold possible dates Ask location event coordinator to hold possible dates

8 Timeline November Subcommittee review suggested speakers Final preparation of mailing list  Include fax numbers for sending reminders  Check position/titles as well as names  Any “special” invitations, ie, Mayor, law enforcement December Decide date Confirm Keynote speaker (Check with Co-hosts) Mail “Save the Date” Cards (or after 1 st of Jan)

9 Timeline January Set up database for responses to invitations Draft Invitation letters for Co-hosts to send Draft invitation letter to the “others” End of January Visit Co-hosts, approve invitation letter Establish administrative contacts in Co-hosts offices For obtaining signatures For determining “to whom” invitations will be sent For any last minute issues

10 Timeline February 1st Tuesday - Get the Governor’s Budget Finalize all speakers and agenda “Coordinate” sending invitations to Legislators Send invitations to “others” Establish RSVP date Mid February Finalize travel arrangements, AV and other needs Review PR decision Write “Talking Points” for calls to legislators

11 Timeline March Get final budget analysis from PPC Draft “Ask” for Board approval Draft Scripts for Co-hosts (and MC if applicable) Print/copy all materials for packets Check RSVPs 10 days prior to event Fax reminders to those legislators who have not responded Calls to legislators (from those who live in their district) to encourage attendance

12 Timeline March Visit Co-hosts, get approval for Scripts Complete nametags (Have nametags ready for all legislators - even if they did not RSVP) Complete packets Finalize count with location event coordinator Send out Press Release (if applicable)

13 Rules for the Event Start on time End on time Have Co-hosts recognize other elected officials and dignataries in audience (elected officials will do this as a matter of course, but you can help by doing a list prior to the opening) Don’t surprise your co-hosts!

14 Sample “Save the Date”



17 Letters/Mailings/ Nametags

18 Packets

19 Sample Agenda PNC United Way of Westmoreland County and the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics Presents The Seventh Annual Early Childhood Legislative/Leadership Breakfast Friday, March 31, 2006 Pittsburgh Athletic Association 4215 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 PROGRAM AGENDA 8:00 AM REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST 8:30 Welcome and Remarks by The Honorable Dan Frankel, Member, PA House of Representatives Remarks and Introduction by The Honorable Tom Stevenson, Member, PA House of Representatives 8:35Attorney General Tom Corbett, The Long-term Benefits of Investing in Preschool 9:00Ms. Donna Cooper, Secretary of Policy and Planning, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Overview of Governor Rendell’s Proposals to Increase Investments in Early Childhood 9:20Q & A and Closing Remarks by The Honorable Dan Frankel, Member, PA House of Representatives 9:30 AMADJORN

20 Day of Event  Have staff/committee members/volunteers available to greet legislators  Note elected officials attending  Ask participants who live in legislators districts to introduce themselves to their representative Track attendance Photos for Newsletters (digital can be sent to co-hosts too)

21 Debriefing Use list of attendees for report Copies of remarks or notes for future reference Visit (send letters to) legislators who did not attend –Deliver packet of materials and “The Ask” Thank you letters to Co-hosts Thank you letters to Speakers Thank you letters to legislators who attended Review budget Make recommendations for next year

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