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2 Thank you for your interest in learning more about MDA’s annual legislative day, our ‘Day on the Hill’  This presentation covers the following topics: Purpose of the event Event coordinator role description Key players in event coordination Theme and “ask” of the event Specifics on the Massachusetts Legislature Specifics on the Massachusetts State House Volunteering before and during the event Getting involved with Day on the Hill 2015

3  To promote its mission to optimize the nutritional well-being of Massachusetts residents, MDA holds an annual legislative day each spring at the Massachusetts State House, our ‘Day on the Hill’  Each year’s event has a different theme (e.g., RDN’s role in prevention and wellness; food insecurity)  Each year’s event has a legislative sponsor; in 2013 and 2014, Senator Harriette Chandler (D-Worcester) was our legislative sponsor, welcoming guests and presenting remarks on the work being done across the state in line with each year’s theme  Each year’s event also features speakers (RDNs and non-RDNs) working in areas related to the theme

4  MDA starts to plan its annual Day on the Hill each September, and needs the help of MDA members, MSDA members and dietetic interns to make it a success  The first and most important step is recruiting MDA’s Day on the Hill Coordinator, a volunteer who is supported by Sarah Conca, MDA’s Public Policy Research Assistant, as well as by members of MDA’s Public Policy Panel and Board of Directors, MSDA members and dietetic interns  Once the Coordinator is selected, work turns to choosing the focus of the event, including any pertinent state legislation to support

5 ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES:  Responsible to: Director, State Policy Representative and Public Policy Research Assistant  Member: Public Policy Panel, Board of Directors  Term of Office: One (1) year, or as needed. Term begins September 1 and ends upon completion of Day on the Hill in March of the following year.  Voting Member Status: Non- Voting Member  Elected: No RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES:  1. Work with Public Policy Research Assistant and entire Public Policy Panel  2. Participate in periodic calls to update Public Policy Panel  Monthly, biweekly, weekly, as needed as event approaches  3. Coordinate with State House and legislative sponsor’s staffers  4. Schedule event, book room  5. Recruit and lead a small team  Coordinate with key Public Policy Panel and Board of Directors members, as well as MSDA members, dietetic interns, other volunteers

6  Public Policy Panel members  MDA Board of Directors/ President/ social media coordinators/ volunteer coordinators  State House events coordinator/ staff  State legislator or head of state agency to act as event sponsor, assist in completing event request form, providing opening remarks  Other state representatives/ senators/ staffers  Speakers from MDA/ legislature/ organizations  Caterer/ catering staff  Volunteers/ MSDA members/ dietetic interns  Attendees from State House/ members of public

7  Multiple factors contribute to the event’s theme  Legislation supported by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at the national level  Legislation supported by MDA at the state level  Current events, especially if related to legislation supported by the Academy or MDA  Once selected, the speakers and speaking program geared to event’s theme and specific legislation  The “Ask” of the event, i.e., what MDA would like state legislators to do after attending the event, including voting in favor of particular state legislation

8  To find out more about the Massachusetts legislature, called the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, visit

9  General information:  Information on the legislative process:  On-site and online tour information:  To look up a particular state representative or senator:

10  Volunteer opportunities leading up to the event include:  Helping Event Coordinator and Public Policy Panel draft and edit information about the event, such as ‘Save the Date,’ invitations, speaking points for RDNs related to event theme  Calling state representatives and senators to invite them to attend the event  Visiting State House legislative offices the morning of the event to hand out invitations  Helping with event set-up (sign-in tables, signs, assisting caterer if needed)

11  Volunteer opportunities during and after the event include:  Helping attendees find the event (State House is large and can be confusing to navigate)  Greeting attendees, assisting with sign-in, helping people find open seats  Helping speakers find their seats, the podium, bringing them water if needed  Taking photos and videos during the event  Helping with event take-down and clean-up  Participating in the debriefing process to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, plan next year’s event

12 Thank you for your interest in MDA’s annual legislative day … Day on the Hill! Please email Sarah Conca at if you would like to learn more!


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