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District Team Training Seminar Roles and Responsibilities of Assistant Governors.

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1 District Team Training Seminar Roles and Responsibilities of Assistant Governors

2 Roles of Assistant Governors Assistant Governors help: Provide support to their assigned clubs in their area and Assist the district governor

3 Roles of Assistant Governors Meeting with and assisting club presidents-elect Attending each club assembly Suggesting ways to enhance Rotary development Identifying and encouraging the development of future district leaders Visit clubs at least four times a year

4 Monitor the progress of each club’s service project Encourage clubs to follow through on the governor’s requests and recommendations. Help clubs plan and schedule the governor’s official visit. Hold regular meetings with club presidents and secretaries to discuss strategies to meet club goals

5 Identify and support clubs in need of special attention Recognize outstanding projects and Rotarians Provide governor updates on club strengths and weaknesses Represent governor at club assemblies related to the Official Visit

6 Checklist for Assistant Governors 2010 -2011 1. Before District Conference March 19-20, 2010: Set up file folder for each club in your Area Set up an initial meeting with PE’s

7 Initial Meeting with PE’s includes : Deliver a President’s Kit Discuss progress made on the completion of items found in the PETS letter from Governor (February) Review the following forms with the Presidents-Elect:

8 Review Forms with Presidents-Elect “Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs” 2010-2011 Rotary Foundation Fund Development Club Goal Rotary International Club Membership Goal

9 April 2010 Confirm with each Club the dates for Club Assemblies Remind PE’s that their Club’s goals and objectives should be sent to you at least one week prior to Club Assembly

10 By April 2010 Confirm with each Club President Elect that he/she is coming to PETS with the items required in the PETS letter and offer assistance PETS will be held April 8-10, 2010 Begin preparation for District Governor’s Official Visit with PE’s by stating dialogue concerning dates and time for the visit in their Area

11 By May 15, 2010  Complete form “Memo of Club Visit” after your final visit to the club and submit to the District Governor

12 By May 31, 2010 Complete all Club Assemblies Secure a copy of each Club’s Goals and Objectives for 2010-2011 Secure a copy of each Club’s “ Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Club ” for 2010-2011

13 By June 1, 2010 Send the following to Governor- Elect Pat: Copy of Clubs Goals and Objectives Copy of Clubs “ Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs ”

14 Attend the Installation for District Governor Pat in Bristol, TN June 8, 2010 Bristol, TN

15 July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 Governor Pat Combs plans to have conference calls with the Assistant Governors throughout the year.

16 Visit each Club in your Area at least once a quarter Prepare a written memo of visit Keep track of dates, training opportunities, elections, application deadlines, etc. Communicate with the presidents by e-mail

17 Meet with Club Presidents as a group every 60 – 90 days: Have an agenda for each meeting Get a written report from each President on status of goals and objectives Send a written report after each meeting to the District Governor Make time to allow Presidents to bring their: issues/questions/successes/celebrations/ best practices to the meeting

18 Prepare for District Governor’s Official Visit to your Area. The date will be determined at PETS: It is important that the Clubs come prepared with possible dates for the Governor’s visit.

19 Preparation for Governor’s Visit Includes: Discuss with Presidents which Club will host Supervise planning and execution and offer support Prepare agenda for meeting with Governor/Presidents prior to the general gathering

20 Governor’s Visit Determine length of the entire meeting which includes the pre meeting with Governor/Presidents, reception, dinner, Governor’s remarks, dessert, etc Consider a presentation of a gift to the District Governor Invite and plan for District Governor’s spouse, J.B.

21 November – December 2010 Remind Presidents that Club Elections must be held before the end of December Remind Club Secretaries to report election in a timely manner to Rotary International and send a copy to you Promote District Conference to be held in March 2011

22 November –December 2010 Inquire and discuss with the Presidents the status of the “Presidential Citation” and “Gold Club Achievement Award 2010-2011”

23 December 2010/January 2011 Work with Presidents - Elect in preparation for 2011-2012

24 February 2011 Receive, via e-mail, each Club’s “Gold Club Report” using the Excel Spreadsheet Form

25 March 2011 E-mail to the District Governor each Club’s “Gold Club Report” by: March 1, 2011 District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) on March 3-5, 2011 Assistant Governors & District Committees to attend DTTS Promote and attend the District Conference held: March 2011

26 April 1, 2011 Send “ Presidential Citation” form to District Governor Pat President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) on April 7-9, 2011

27 May 15, 2011 Send to the District Governor all “Memo of Club Visit” forms for each Club in your Area

28 Have a Great Year!

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