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Welcome to Open House! 2015-2016 MR. Smrekar *Please feel free to leave a nice note on your child’s desk to surprise them tomorrow October Conference.

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2 Welcome to Open House! 2015-2016 MR. Smrekar *Please feel free to leave a nice note on your child’s desk to surprise them tomorrow October Conference sign up sheet is on the kidney table if you want to sign up now!

3 Take Home Folders They will be orange: Monday-Thursday- Used to bring homework sheets and daily student checked work home. This and the agenda should go home and back to school daily. Friday- Will be used to send home assignments and activities that were completed and checked by me during the week.

4 ***Important*** Agenda Uses To write homework in daily. To write the week’s Spelling list on Mondays. To write important dates relating to the class Communication Uses Updates on your child’s day, progress, what to practice more of. Anything very important will be communicated through phone or email. Please initial your child’s agenda under the correct date, daily.

5 Behavior/Reward System Color System 3 rd Grade gives money for good behavior and can take money for the opposite. We have a color system : Blue- Excellent=$2.00 Green- Expected Behavior=$1.00 (if not moved down 1 st) Yellow- Made a mistake- Usually after a verbal warning. Red- Repeated Bad Choices School Store Students will be allowed to sell or buy items. Happens at the end of every quarter. The more they earn, the more they can buy!

6 Snacks Snack time will be at 9:30 daily Please send a healthy snack Water or sugar free drinks only please Please don’t send in junk food like cookies, chocolate, brownies, etc… We want sharp minds without the sugar buzz. Sugar contained in fruit is perfectly ok! We have children with allergies to dairy, eggs, and nuts

7 Lunch 11:06-11:36 Visitors lunch cost is $3.25. (Any Age) Elementary School1 Day1 Week4 Weeks90 Days Student Breakfast$1.25$6.25$25.00$112.50 Student Lunch$2.15$10.75$43.00$193.50 Student Breakfast & Lunch$3.40$17.00$68.00$306.00

8 Birthdays! Feel free to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday. Plan on distributing during lunch. It’s ok to send with your child in the morning. I can help if needed. Important: To avoid hurt feelings, birthday party invitations can only be distributed at school if (at least) everyone of that gender is included.

9 Transportation Emails can’t be accepted as notes for transportation. Please call the front office for last minute dismissal change. A written note sent in is ok too. No changes can be made after 2:00. If a child is unsure about transportation and we can’t reach you, he or she will be placed in ASP. Car riders must be picked up by someone with a car tag. Otherwise, you will be required to go into the office to pick up your child.

10 Absences and Tardies For an absence to be excused, please send in a note with the absence date and reason listed. If a student arrives after the 7:50 tardy bell he or she must sign in at the front office. (If your child goes to breakfast, please explain the importance of them getting to class before the bell rings.

11 Journals Students will be creating an ongoing journal of very beneficial resources throughout the year in Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. This is to be used as a learning tool for new concepts and as a review resource for already learned concepts. That is what our composition notebooks have become.

12 Other Announcements  School begins at 7:50. School is dismissed at 2:15.  Our lunch time is: 11:06-11:26 Our specials time is: 1:00-1:45.  To see the class schedule please visit my website.  Specials calendars will be sent home ASAP. See below for weeks 2-4.  8/10 - Day F  8/11 - Day A  8/12 - Day B  8/13 - Day C  8/14 - Day D  8/17 - Day E  8/18 - Day F  8/19 - Day A  8/20 - Picture Day in the Gym during Specials  8/21 - Day B  8/24 - Day C  8/25 - Day D  8/26 - Day E  8/27 - Day F  My email address is Please email me if you have any questions, comments, and or If you would like to receive text reminders, please take the remind 101 sheet.

13 Important Forms Clinic Card Emergency Dismissal (Blue) Receipt of Parent Info Money Donation envelopes for field trips, tshirts,etc. Technology form PG movie permission slip Other forms (not Mandatory) BYOD (Bring your own device) permission sheet. (Let’s take a vote)

14 Spelling City and Front Row When usernames are listed, hopefully very soon, I will make labels and stick in the front page of your child’s agenda.

15 White Payment Envelope procedures Please refer to this if unsure o Do not write in the “OFFICE USE ONLY” space. o Need: Student & Teacher Name /List activity/Amount of Activity/Total Amount Enclosed o Try not to put “CHANGE” in the envelopes. o We do not accept “COUNTER OR STARTER” checks.

16 Thanks for coming! If you have any questions or concerns please email me at Have a wonderful evening!

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