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Mrs. Vasquez’s Classroom Policies and Procedures.

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1 Mrs. Vasquez’s Classroom Policies and Procedures

2 Homework  There is a reading log that students need to fill out Monday through Thursday located on the front cover of their homework packet. Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each night or a total of 80 minutes for the week.  Math homework will be sent home a few times a week.  I do not give homework over the weekend. However if a student chooses to procrastinate on projects or other things, they may have weekend work.  Work not completed in class will become homework or may be completed during study hall.  If homework is not complete, students will be sent to study hall to complete the assignment.

3 Rewards  Fun Friday – Each week students are allowed to choose an activity they would like to do: Art, Board Games, Video, Outside Recess.  Raffle Ticket Store – Each day students who end on blue will receive 2 raffle tickets and students who end on green will receive 1 raffle ticket.  At the end of each students may purchase treasure chest items, or classroom rewards with their tickets.  Small prize and candy donations are appreciated to make this successful!

4 Discipline  Students who choose not to work in class will go to study hall to finish their work.  Consequences will depend on the offense, but will likely result in the following:  Yellow = Warning. Owe 5 minutes of recess.  Orange = No recess, “Think about It” sheet filled out at home.  Red = Meeting with Mr. Cover or Mrs. Papke, Call home, recess detention, and inside lunch  If a problem is severe enough the student will be sent to the principal or assistant principal.  Students mark daily behavior in their agendas. Please be sure to sign every night!

5 Absences and Make-up Work  If your child is going to absent for a prolonged period of time please email me and I will get work together for them that they can work on from home.  It is the child's responsibility to find out what they missed the next day. The missed class work will be due 2 days later. (Ex. Missed Mon. work due by Wed.)

6 Agendas  Agendas will be filled out daily  Parents, please sign agendas each night.  If agendas are not signed, students will miss 5 minutes of recess.  This consequence will help them establish responsibility and will help them prepare for middle school.  From time to time I will put notes in students agendas, feel free to do the same!

7 Bathroom Policy  Students should be using the restroom before school, during lunch, during recess, and after school.  If a student chooses to use the restroom during class, they will need to give me one raffle ticket.

8 Snacks and Drinks  We have a snack time every morning at 9:45 AM.  Snacks should be healthy and easy to eat (nothing that could spill).  Please send students with water bottles, especially these first few weeks as it is very hot outside.  Please no sodas or juice boxes for in the classroom. Those may be taken to lunch.

9 Birthdays  If you would like to bring birthday treats please make sure they are store bought and that there are enough for all students.  Please include any napkins or small plates necessary for the treats.  Invitations to birthday parties should be handed out before or after school.

10 Star Student  Each child will be the star student this year.  The students will know when they are the student of the week the Thursday before. There is something for each day of their week. A handout will go home when it is their turn.  MONDAY: Share poster  TUESDAY: Favorite book  WEDNESDAY: Share pictures  THURSDAY: Share parent letter  FRIDAY: Student may bring anything they would like to share with the class

11 Newsletter  Every week there will be a classroom newsletter posted to my website. This will contain classroom information and things that we have been learning.  I will also be posting our homework each week on my website in case it is lost during the week. Feel free to print from home.

12 Communication  The best way to reach me is through email. I try to check it a few times throughout the day, and will get back to you as soon as possible  I will be using the class distribution list to email important class and school information throughout the year. If you have not received my emails, please let me know so I can add you.

13 Data Notebooks  We will be keeping data notebooks for math, reading spelling and behavior  Notebooks will have a graph for each standard, and we will keep tests in the notebook.  Notebooks will be send home every other Friday for parents to review. Please sign the log to show you have seen the tests, and return notebook on Monday.

14 Thank you for coming to Curriculum Night!

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