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2 Why did you enroll in this course?

3 Success, how is it defined?

4 William James described success as… Combination of two things: 1. Inner ideal that is persistently followed 2. Outer achievement related to that ideal

5 Success Defined Success to some is financial security, to others, it’s doing what they love, and yet to others, it’s spending quality time with their loved ones. Defining success for oneself is very personal.

6 Professional or professionalism, how is it defined?

7 Professionalism is showing a high degree of skill or competence in an occupation in which the person is paid while conforming (businesslike) to the standards normally expected of a properly qualified and experienced person in a work environment.

8 This appears to be a complete and accurate definition. However, a TRUE professional should go beyond a certain skill set (i.e. some professional athletes and entertainers).

9 A truly successful professional must have personal standards that go beyond reproach (a source of shame, disgrace, discredit, blame, etc.). Such a person would be considered a GREAT professional!

10 Great Professionals Being a “ great ” professional is predominately an attitude, not a set of competencies. Great professionals are distinguished not by their abilities but by the pride they take in their work, their commitment to quality, and their devotion to the interests of those they serve. A great professional always demonstrates the highest level of integrity, fairness and honesty (i.e. character).

11 Everyone here today (we will assume) has the attitude and character to be a great professional. (real substance) The challenge is to properly project to those around you that you are a great professional. (As UGA graduates, you will have the skill set, competence, and hopefully some experience)

12 FACT– first impressions are powerful and often made within 2 minutes to 30 seconds and some believe as quick as a blink of the eye when first meeting someone.

13 Therefore, it behooves us to always put our best foot forward. Let your outside appearance and behavior reflect the great professional you strive to be.

14 Career Preparation and Professionalism Course content Personality profileDining etiquette Mission and vision statements Dress for success Written goalsProfessional presence Telephone etiquetteActive listening Voice mail etiquetteResumes do’s and don’ts Cell phone etiquetteInterview do’s and don’ts E-mail etiquette Parts of an excellent business card

15 Personality type/profile test Why is this important ?

16 Ancient wisdom: “First and foremost, know thyself.” Helps to assess our strengths and weaknesses. Your personality affects your approach to work and relationships. The better you understand yourself, the greater chance you will find the work and relationships that best fit you. Since parts of some job interviews include a personality test. Doing one beforehand is good preparation.

17 As part of the interview process, personality-type tests are becoming a standard procedure for many companies 30 percent of all companies use personality tests in hiring. To many companies, the tests are as important, if not more important, than an applicant's education, experience and recommendations. (Traditional interview 14% effective. Traditional interview with personality-type testing 75% effective) Since parts of some job interviews include a personality test. Doing one beforehand is good preparation.

18 PERSONALITY-TEST Personality test go to…. For explanation of results go to …. For careers that fit explanation go to …. (For more detailed information on this topic go to…

19 ASSIGNMENT #1 1.Define what success means to you. Explain why? 2.Take the personality test. 3.Explain your results. 4.Describe the type of career that fits this explanation. 5.Do you agree with the explanation and suggested careers? Submit all the above (itemized 1, 2, 3, 4,5) to


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