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Acing the Graduate/Professional School Interview Tutorial.

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1 Acing the Graduate/Professional School Interview Tutorial

2 CONGRATULATIONS! You should applaud yourself for being invited to interview for a graduate school program! The admissions committee found your application impressive. Now you just need to wow them during your interview.

3 This tutorial will: Provide an overview of the various components that make up the interview process Provide interview strategies to ensure success

4 Purpose of the Graduate School Interview Faculty perspective Narrow down the applicant pool Decide who to admit into the program Your perspective Learn more about the program Meet with the faculty Determine if the program is a good fit for you Decide if you want to attend the institution

5 Interview Components Similar to a job interview, a graduate school interview consists of three components: Before the interview During the interview After the interview

6 Before the Interview

7 Always, always, always make sure you prepare for the interview. Preparation involves knowing about: Yourself The career field, industry and available career options The program The institution

8 Know Yourself Because graduate school is a big investment (time, money, etc.), it is essential that you choose the right program that matches your career goals. Consider the following: What attracted you to this field? What attracted you to this particular program and school? What are your professional goals? How will going to graduate school help you reach your goals? What experiences have you had that set you apart from other applicants? What are you hoping to gain from advanced education?

9 Know the Career Field, Industry & Available Career Options Due to the fact that graduate and professional programs are very focused, it is essential that you demonstrate your knowledge regarding your chosen career field. Some questions that you should be able to answer include: What occupations can be pursued with this type of education? What are the educational requirements? In what professional associations are people involved? Who are the key people in the field? What are the current trends and issues facing the field? What is the history of your field?

10 Know the Program Additionally, those interviewing you want to know that you are serious about their program. Therefore, you must demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched the program in question. Consider learning: Who the faculty members are, their specialties and research interests. Program requirements. The type of students that the program attracts. The distinguishing characteristics of this program.

11 Know the Institution As you know from your time at McDaniel College, plenty of learning and activities take place outside of the classroom. Since you can expect to spend a fair amount of time on campus, you may want to consider: The facilities The library Student organizations Support services

12 Before the Interview Preparing for a graduate school interview does not end with knowing about yourself, the program, etc. Applicants invited to interview must make sure to dress professionally and to be prompt.

13 Interview Appearance Get a good night’s sleep Wear wrinkle-free clothes Wear little jewelry, perfume and makeup Items to avoid include: Loud colors Low cut blouses Short skirts Clanging jewelry Sandals/open-toed shoes Character ties

14 Interview Timing Know the exact time and location of the interview Arrive 15 minutes early to freshen up hair and clothes

15 During the Interview

16 The interview is the time and place to let yourself shine! Here you want to expand on your academic interests, research experience and skills, professional goals and how this program ties into the big picture. This is also the time when you can expect any questions that focus on weaker areas of your application. So, be prepared.

17 During the Interview (continued) The interview begins once you step into the outer office, so be nice to everyone you meet Enter and greet the interviewer(s) with a smile, good eye contact and a firm handshake Always refer to the interviewers by their name (ex. Mr. Brown)

18 During the Interview (continued) Listen to questions carefully Mention examples and results of your past work Avoid using slang and expressions such as “uh,” “you know” and “like” Speak in a clear tone—not to fast and not too slow When it is your turn, ask questions. This shows responsibility and alertness

19 After the Interview

20 Similar to job interviews, you will want to send a thank you to those that interviewed you and anyone that hosted you during your visit. Follow up with the program coordinator to check the status of your application.

21 For More Information Visit Career Services web page at: Visit the Career Resource Library to review graduate catalogs, financial aid information, etc. Attend a “Graduate School: To Go or Not To Go” workshop (check Career Services’ events schedule for dates and times of workshop).

22 Need more help? Stop by Smith House to speak with a career counselor Call 410-871-3305 to schedule an appointment

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